All About Me

Headshot: (In selfie form)                                          On the day of my National Honor Society (NHS) Inauguration.

Behind the name:

My real name is Sam. But my name here on my blog is RiverMoose.

The name RiverMoose is a nickname given to me by one of my best friends, Ana.

The “River” part stems from the fact that not only did I reply nothing but the word “Spoilers” when she asked me anything about Doctor Who when I first made her watch it, but I have massively curly hair (Not shown in the picture because it is too terrifying for mere mortals to behold). River if you don’t know, is a character in Doctor Who famous for responding to the doctor’s questions with “spoilers sweetie” and her blonde curls.

The “Moose” part comes from the fact that on Supernatural, Crowley calls Sam Winchester “Moose” and since my name is also Sam, my name is also, by extension  Moose.

And thus, I am RiverMoose.


I am currently 17, and I am in my Junior year of high school.

I will graduate as part of the class of 2018.

Future (school) Plans:

I plan on majoring in both Biology and Chemistry as part of a pre-med program. I want to be a pediatric neurologist.

I also want to be an author, and am currently writing my first book, the working title is “Legacy of Stardust”, it is a YA sci-fi story. Though I have several other ideas/drafts as well.

About this Blog:

So, here on this blog, I will be posting everything from excerpts of my writing to ranting about how difficult school is. I’ll post nerdy things and study guides too.  More then anything though, this blog will be about books, and my very nerdy love of them.

First and foremost though, I will be writing reviews, writing tag and discussions posts, and making reccomendations.


If you want to follow me anywhere else, here are the links:









As a blanket note, all the pictures I use for my graphics come from and, just because I’ll probably forgot to mention that every time I use a graphic okay? Not all pictures I use are mine.

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