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(Realistic) 2021 Bookish and Blogging Goals

2020...was a rough year lets call it. I barely read. I barely blogged. I mostly tried not to fail my classes. My goals for 2021 for blogging and reading are an absolute bear minimum and I am okay with that. No toxic reading challenges in this house. Blog Goals: Add all my past reviews to… Continue reading (Realistic) 2021 Bookish and Blogging Goals

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Are Backlist Reviews Worth It? (+ What Reviews Do Y’all Want To See?)

Book reviews are for most people, thee bread-and-butter of book blogging. Book bloggers share their thoughts on the books they read - but typically the most popular reviews are for new and upcoming releases that readers haven't been about to pick up yet. On the other side, there are "Backlist" reviews, which are reviews of… Continue reading Are Backlist Reviews Worth It? (+ What Reviews Do Y’all Want To See?)

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The Hiatus Is Over: Changes To This Blog

Hey y'all! Guess who's back? Me! (Please ignore the fact that every time I have made a similar post to this in the past I immediately dropped off the face of the earth again.) If you've followed me for a bit, you may have noticed that I've been posting regularly at least once a week… Continue reading The Hiatus Is Over: Changes To This Blog

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Thoughts for Thursday: How To Un-haul Books

Unhauling books is a question that comes up for book bloggers and hoarders all the time. We buy a lot of books, and eventually, space becomes a rare commodity. The question i, how do you actually unhaul books? As a self-confessed hoarder (of books, and admittedly, everything else), this is what works for me. Take… Continue reading Thoughts for Thursday: How To Un-haul Books

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Bookish Baking #13: Sour Cherry Scones (Carry On)

I'd never had sour cherry scones before Watford. Just raisin ones–and more often plain, and always something that came from the shop, then got left in an oven too long.           At Watford, there are fresh-baked cherry scones for breakfast every day if you want them. And again in the afternoon… Continue reading Bookish Baking #13: Sour Cherry Scones (Carry On)

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Favorite Books of the Decade: 2010-2019

So, this past decade, I was 10 (2010) to 20 (turned in 2019) years old, so a lot of reading, and a lot of formative reading was done. Here are the ten books that most stick out as my favorite of the decade, narrowed to those published within the peace as well.  

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Want More Book Reviews?

A lot of times, when I finish a book, I don't have enough time or inclination to write a full blog post review. So, I have recently started doing Bookstagram again and I've been posting mini-reviews of every book I've ever read, including going back and writing a review of every book I've read and… Continue reading Want More Book Reviews?

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Discussion: How To – Start A Book Blog

Advice from a Not-So-Seasoned Not-Quite-Professional A long while ago, I wrote a discussion with my advice on ARC requests. Surprisingly, to me at least, a lot of people liked it and found it useful. And I realized something, I feel like a floundering child when it comes to this blog, but with a year and… Continue reading Discussion: How To – Start A Book Blog

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A Guide to: DC TV Shows – The ArrowVerse

The ArrowVerse Definition per Wikipedia: Arrowverse is a shared fictional universe that is centered on various television series airing on The CW and web series airing on CW Seed based on characters appearing in publications by DC Comics. The Arrowverse stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / Flash, Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers / Supergirl, Megalyn Echikunwoke as Mari Jiwe McCabe / Vixen, with an ensemble cast leading Legends of Tomorrow, including Arthur… Continue reading A Guide to: DC TV Shows – The ArrowVerse