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*This list is not fully updated What Is A Zine? Zines (pronounced zee-ns, as in magazine) are fan productions, usually made by either a single person or small group, and generally consist of art and writing, centered around a theme. These may be professionally printed or done DIY-style. Zines are often made and sold with… Continue reading Zines


The Black Family, A History

Always have some impact on your life. You may not have been innocent, even at that age, but you were naïve enough to believe in things like dreams. Like fairytales. Like happy endings. Like second chances. Like family. They say your childhood gives insight to who you will be in life. It was a game.… Continue reading The Black Family, A History


“Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed.”

The years are not as kind to the heart as they are to their looks. And for all his centuries of experience, Magnus doesn't have the best coping skills. Time passes differently for them. For the immortals. For the vampires amd fae and warlocks and all other sorts of creatures. It is different for them… Continue reading “Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed.”


Are You Gonna Save This One?

Time, or something like it, passes. Bill Potts learns about The Doctor. Everything happens, second verse same as the first. Or, The Doctor makes his oath. He never seems to keep it. Time or something like it passes. There are things Bill learns about The Doctor.   That he has seen death and has killed… Continue reading Are You Gonna Save This One?


Heir, of Something or Other

This is what Christopher Pike knows: Jim Kirk is his father's splitting image, has his heart to, and is nothing but Winona in the head. Too smart for his own good, and has too many ghosts smothering him for to make it on his own. Jim Kirk will always defy whatever box you put him… Continue reading Heir, of Something or Other


First, Best Destinies (And Other Lies)

Old Spock told him being captain of the Enterprise was his first, best destiny. It doesn't feel that way. Or, James T. Kirk grows up with blue eyes, and it makes more of a difference than you'd think. James Tiberius Kirk is born on a shuttle in space, seconds after the Kelvin goes down, after… Continue reading First, Best Destinies (And Other Lies)


Defining Friendship

Jim Kirk was a most illogical human. That much was certain. But, to Spock, he was also fascinating. Though, his older self's answers left much to be desired, it was said that there's would be a friendship that defined them both. An interesting proposition indeed, seeing as the Vulcan way of never expressing emotion was… Continue reading Defining Friendship


I Swallow Your Heart

In another life, she thinks, her second son would have had his father's brown eyes, her husband would have lived, and everything would have been right. In this life, she is a widow, and she cannot look her son in his impossible blue eyes. Or, Winona Kirk, after the Kelvin disaster. Winona meets George Kirk… Continue reading I Swallow Your Heart


Where You Stop Your Story

Annealing: heat (metal or glass) and allow it to cool slowly, in order to remove internal stresses and toughen it. Or, Neal has had a hard life. Neal was no stranger to this game. He'd been in it since birth, even if he didn't know it. He wasn't even sure who he was anymore, Neal… Continue reading Where You Stop Your Story