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Pokemon Episodes: Team Rocket Centric

Episodes about the TRio (IL episode 15) Battle aboard  the St Annes (IL episode 16) Pokémon Shipwreck (IL episode 17) The island of giants pokemon (IL episode 50) Who Gets to Keep Togepi? (IL episode 56) The ultimate test (IL episode 57) The breeding center secret (IL episode 63) The battle of the badge (IL… Continue reading Pokemon Episodes: Team Rocket Centric

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Pokemon Anime: Essential Watch List

I've been watching the Pokemon anime series lately, something I haven't done since I was roughly 10 years old, and was thinking about how there is nearing 1000 episodes of Pokemon (okay, like 700, but still), and how a lot of those episodes are filler. I have the advantage of having watching everything through the… Continue reading Pokemon Anime: Essential Watch List

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Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee Differences

Reactions Gen 8 coming in 2019 Kotaku Article 5 GOOD and 5 BAD Things About Pokémon: Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee Version Differences Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee came out Nov. 16th and I'm so excited. Its definitely at the top of my Christmas list. Personally, I'm leaning towards Let's Go Eevee,… Continue reading Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee Differences

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My Favorite Pokemon Rom Hacks

Pokemon rom hacks are super fun and I've played so many at this point in my life, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites. Let me know if you've played any of these, or if any of your favorites aren't here! *Bolded is a must play. Pokemon HeartRed - The RG Project *A… Continue reading My Favorite Pokemon Rom Hacks

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Top Ten Favorite Pokemon Theme Songs

I've been playing Pokemon recently. And I watched the newest movie. Pokemon was rebooted and now I feel old. So, I'm ranking my top ten Pokemon theme songs. Yes, this is very influenced by nostalgia. Don't expect anything from Unova onwards, because I didn't watch those seasons. I kind of want to now though... I… Continue reading Top Ten Favorite Pokemon Theme Songs

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I Choose You Tag

This is meant to be a short little tag, just because I have Pokémon feelings are the Pokémon direct and all the Sword and Shield announcements. Red or Blue? The games that started it all (in America at least). I've always been more of a Red kind of person. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander? Charmander was… Continue reading I Choose You Tag

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Mini Video Game Reviews: Fran Bow / Hatoful Boyfriend / Broken Age / Turmoil / Sunless Sea / The Stanley Parable

So - I've been doing a bunch of mini movie reviews, but I can only watch so many movies so quickly. So, here is some mini reviews for some games I played over the last year or so. Fran Bow This is a point-clink horror game. Featuring unreliable protagonist Fran Bow who may or may… Continue reading Mini Video Game Reviews: Fran Bow / Hatoful Boyfriend / Broken Age / Turmoil / Sunless Sea / The Stanley Parable

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Pokémon Go Book Tag

I was tagged by Icebreaker694 literally forever ago, but I have never claimed to be on top of this, so this should come as a surprise to exactly no one who has ever seen a tag by me. This tag (and all of its lovely wonderful graphics) was created by ReadAtMidnight. You should definitely check them both out,… Continue reading Pokémon Go Book Tag

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Recommending: Awesome Browser Games

Everyone loves games. Its a fact (at least, it is as far as my world-view as a teenage girl is concerned) And, since it is summer, everyone is left with an unusual amount of free time (and if you are anything like me, you spend it on the internet). So, as a way to cure… Continue reading Recommending: Awesome Browser Games

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Pokémon Go Review + Mini Guide

Pokémon Go is long awaited and here at last. It is one of the most hyped games, probably ever. And it come out July 6th at night for the US, morning for Australia and New Zealand and Japan, and literally no where else as of yet. It is out for android and IOS. This is… Continue reading Pokémon Go Review + Mini Guide