Comic-Con 2015

This past weekend was Comic-Con, and I, like most of the internet, was not able to attend. Mostly because not only is it ridiculously expensive (tickets, airfare, hotel, ect.) but it is also nearly impossible to get tickets.

And so, like most of my fellow nerds, I’ve been foreced to live vicariously through those able to attend by watching interviews and panels online. So to help you guys out, I’ve created a sort of masterpost of all the interviews, panels, and dubsmash wars that occured at Comic-Con this year (that I could find).

Youtube Playlist with newly every panel from San Diego Comic Con 2015

Dubsmash cast war: Agents of shield vs agent carter

Article about the dubsmash war

Another article/masterpost for the war

Article about Hall H

Haley is our Queen

wonder women debut

Harrison Ford Surprise

All of Haley Atwell’s dubsmash

Skyward dubsmash

Celeb Instagrams

survival guide

A dedicated Stormtrooper

Matt Smith plays would-you-rather

Amazing Things

Official Site

Fox vs Marvel

Full Star wars panel

Deadpool panel

Bryan Singer Q&A

X-men panel

Article about Marvel movies from different studios

Article with highlights of San Diego Comic Con 2015

Superhero trailers from Fox

Article about the Warcraft panel

DC comics at comic con

Magazine article about Comic-con

MockingJay part 2: the last Hunger Games panel

About the doctor who panel

Must See new shows and seasons

A guide to the panels of comic-con

Best of DC and Warner Bros

Full Force Awakens Panel

Full DC panel

All the Star Wars interviews

The originals panel

Ant-Man cast interviews

Full teen wolf panel

Full Game of Thrones panel

Full Walking dead panel

Full Flash Panel

Full Doctor who panel

Full Arrow Panel

Full Once Upon a Time panel

Full Agents of SHIELD panel

Full Agent Carter Panel

Full William Shatner Panel

Full Sherlock Panel

Batman vs Superman

Deadpool cast interview

Full Supernatural Panel

Full Deadpool Panel

Full Supergirl Panel

Frankenstien Interview

Full Xmen panel

Full Badass women panel

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