Guest Post Policy

Guest posting is fairly common across the blog-o-sphere.

And I want to open this blog to guest posting! Both allowing others to write posts for this blog (which takes pressure off me)  and me writing posts for other blogs (which helps get publicity for my blog – aka the entire purpose of guest posting).

Guest Posting Policy –

Writing For This Blog

I’d love to start having people guest post on my blog, to promote other bloggers and to take some pressure off myself hen school gets hectic.


If you want to guest post:

  • Email me at 
    • If I don’t respond, feel free to prod me with a comment or Tumblr DM
  • Tell me what kind of post you want to do
    • For example: reviews, bookish/writing discussions, nerdy/bookish things are all generally agreeable
  • Tell me what date you want the post to go up – give a few options so I can work it around my own post schedule.
  • Send me the post (and anything else you want me to include – ex. full name, blog link, etc.) at least a week before the post date.
  • Feel free to cross post to your our blog.
  • I reserve the right to decline.

Guest Posting Policy –

If You Want Me To Write For Your Blog

If you want me to guest post on your blog you have to:

  • Email me at
  • Give me 1-2 months to physically write the post (ex. if you want a post in March, ask me in January). Shorter posts may have a shorter turn around of two weeks, a review that requires me to read a book I haven’t read may take up to two months.
  • Allow me to cross post the post to my blog.
  • Put my name / link to my blog on the post.
  • Email me when the post goes up.
  • Tell me EXACTLY what you need from me for the post (ex. if you only want a review or a discussion – specify what kind etc.)
  • I reserve the right to decline.