My Writing


Six Free-Verse Poems

Be Careful (Which Way You Lean)

Castles In The Sky

The Princess Grows Up

Until The Clock Strikes

The “Evil” Queen

Running Red

Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

Stages Of A Doomed Love Story

Backs To The Wall

Bang The Doldrums (A Fine Line Between Love and Hate)

Draw The Line

Despite Your Heart Of Gold (I’m Not The One You Need To Save)

Sagan’s Apple Pie

In The Morning (I’ll Be A Ghost)

Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force

They Sell Salt For Open Wounds


Legacy of Stardust – WIP – First Draft

Thicker Than Water – WIP – Basic Outline

Something Like This (Could Happen To You) – WIP – Basic Outline

Disheartened – WIP – Basic Outline

Lips As Red As Blood – WIP – Full Outline

Fighting Fate – WIP – Basic Outline


Alex Rider – The Young Spy

White Collar – Where You Stop Your Story

Star Trek AOS – I Swallow Your Heart

Star Trek AOS – Defining Friendship

Star Trek AOS – First, Best Destinies (And Other Lies)

Star Trek AOS – Heir, Of Something or Other

Doctor Who – Are You Gonna Save This One?

Doctor Who – My Favorite Story

The Mortal Instruments – Here Is The Repeated Image Of A Lover Destroyed

Harry Potter – The Black Family, A History


Essays and Discussions:

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