Review Copy TBR

List of pending reviews and review copies sent to me.

Mostly for my reference, but if there are any you’d like to see sooner, feel free to let me know!

From Authors / Blogs Tours / Publishers:

Blog Tour-Book Review: The Forgotten Tale by JM Frey – Completed

Blog Tour – Book Review – Hero High: Figure In The Flames by Mina Chara – Completed

Book Blog Tour – Book Review: Succubus by Brandon Blake Varnell – Completed

Unfathomable Chance – Pending review

The Good Dictator – Not read

Made in the Image of the Goddess – Not read

Angel Radio –  Not read

Arc Review: Nowhere Near You – Completed

From Netgalley:

Netgalley Review – Genius: The Game – Completed

NetGalley Review – Captain America: Sub Rosa – Completed

NetGalley Review – Star Trek: StarFleet Academy -Completed

NetGalley Review: Waking In Time – Completed

NetGalley Review: Strong Is The New Pretty – Completed

Netgalley Review: I Love You With All My Butt – Completed

Netgalley Review: Miniatures – The Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi – Completed

Netgalley Review: Superman Science –  Completed

Netgalley Review: Doctor Who The American Adventures – Completed

NetGalley Review: The Hundred Lies Of Lizzie Lovett –  Completed

NetGalley Review: The Edge of Everything – Completed –

NetGalley Review – Nemesis #1: Dreadnought –  Completed

Royce Rolls – Pending Review

United States of Absurdity – Pending Review

Zenn Diagram – Pending Review

Hidden Universe Travel Guide – Pending Review

Patient HM – Pending Review

Butterfly Bones – Pending Review

Its All Absolutely Fine – Pending Review

A Fabrication of the Truth – Pending Review

Climate Change and the Health of Nations – Pending Review

Get It Together, Delilah – Pending Review

George Lucas – Not Read

The Nerdy and The Dirty – Not Read

Tender Is The Scalpel’s Edge – Not Read

The Not Quite States of America – Not Read

Speed Of Life – Not Read

Online Marketing For Busy Authors – Pending Review

The Outs – Not Read

Alterations – Not Read

There I Go Again –  Not Read

Grave Predications – Not Read

Bring Back The King – Not Read

Boy To The World – Pending Review

Piper Perish –  Not Read

The Traveler’s Guide To Space – Not Read

Brainworker – Not Read

The Inconcivable Life of Quinn –

Four of a Kind – Not Read

Teen Hyde – Not Read

A Filthy Habit – Not Read

New Americans – Not Read

How In The Hell Did This Happen – Not Read

Bookishly Ever After –  Not Read

Science Of Game Of Thrones – Not Read

Systematic – Not Read

Ward Against Death – Not Read

The List  – Not Read

Traveler – Not Read

The Outs – Not Read

The Adventures of Technicality Man –

Romeo and Whats Her Name – Not Read

How Bad Writing Destroyed The World – Not Read

You’re Welcome, Universe – Not Read

The Whole Thing Together – Not Read

Queens of Geek – Currently Reading

The Love Interest – Currently Reading

The Scifi End Of The Supernatural -Not Read

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life – Currently Reading

At First Blush – Not Read

Antisocial – Not Read

Pretty Fierce – Not Read

Rose Petal Graves – Not Read

The Evaporation of Sofi Snow – Not Read

Geekerella – Currently Reading

One of Us Is Lying –  Currently Reading

Secrets of A Reluctant Princess – Not Read

Blogging For Books:

Book Review: Alexander Hamilton’s Guide To Life – completed

Batgirl at Superhero High (Audiobook) – half read