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2016 Year In Review Tag

You know how I've done that thing where I didn't do tags for like 3 months and got crazy backlogged and only now have started going through them? I found this one in my drafts. One that really should have been done in December or January at the latest. Whoops? I was tagged by the… Continue reading 2016 Year In Review Tag

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2016: The Year End Book Survey

I'm scheduling this is advance, since I leave the 29th for a cruise and won't be back till the 9th. When you read this, it'll be New Year's Eve, and hopefully I'll have read a few more books from now (23rd) to then. But, I wanted to do this, and now is the only time… Continue reading 2016: The Year End Book Survey

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End of Year (2016) Fiction Favorites Tag

Thank you! Thank you to the lovely, amazing Icebreaker694, who tagged me in this (and put up with me as a terrible buddy-reader...) Rules: If you do this tag please tag me at Kate@meltingpotsandothercalamities (I’m the only writer or Kate at this blog, but that’s just my tag name). Please answer the questions. What’s the point of the… Continue reading End of Year (2016) Fiction Favorites Tag