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The Epic Birthday Blog Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful and amazing Icebreaker694 - who is also the creator of this fun tag. She has one of my favorite blogs and is super sweet, so go check it out! Rules Always Always Always pingback/link to icebreaker694‘s site (she wants to see your answers). Post this on your birthday!!! Or not, y’know, you… Continue reading The Epic Birthday Blog Tag

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Today I Needed To Rant – Some Updates And Arcs

Today I am having a little birthday party - friends are coming over to watch movies and eat food. So I'm quite excited and feeling justified in procrastinating homework. I just wanted to give a sort of general little life update. And blog update. Life wise, school is killing me (16 grade spanish project with… Continue reading Today I Needed To Rant – Some Updates And Arcs

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As you can probably tell from the title, today IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! (not my actual birthday, but my birthday month. Putting my ACTUAL birthday online gives me anxiety...) I found this tag on YouTube by BrunetteBibliophile, so credit to her for the questions, be sure to watch her video here. I wasn’t tagged but ah, what the… Continue reading THE BIRTHDAY BOOK TAG