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Brotherhood of the World Award

I was tagged by the AMAZING blogger The Orangutan Librarian.  They're the greatest and super hilarious, so go check them out! BRIEFLY EXPLAIN YOUR BLOGGING STYLE (WHERE YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGING SPOT/TOOLS – AS IN, ON THE COUCH USING YOUR SMARTPHONE OR SOMETHING). I always blog from my desktop, which as the name would imply, is at… Continue reading Brotherhood of the World Award


Trying To Be Better…

You all know how I'm prone to accidentally taking month long hiatuses? Well...I did it again. I'm working on, well, not doing it, but... In my defense I was: a) Out of the country with no internet until the ninth b) Had a Chemistry unit exam, an APUSH unit exam, and an AP CALCULUS CUMULATIVE… Continue reading Trying To Be Better…


Celebrating The Little Things Tag

This tag is all about shoutouts! Which I think is a pretty cool concept and a nice way to share the love. I was tagged by Cassiopeia's Moon, who's blog is lovely, so go check it out! Who was your very first follower (if you can find out) tag them and give them a shout out!… Continue reading Celebrating The Little Things Tag