One Lovely Blog Award

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1 – I’m left-handed, but I use the computer mouse with my right hand.

2 – I can speak, read, and understand Spanish but my writing is terrible.

3 – From mid-March to the first week of May I spent Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school until 4:30/5 to go to calculus tutoring. (I’m scheduling this is April – I’m a little done with it).

4 –  My TBR is so big it spans 3 pages on Netgalley and a physical shelf that is starting to cave in.

5 – I’ve started DNFing books.

6 – I think I finally found a blogging schedule thats going to work for me.

7 – I watched all of Leverage on Netflix in about 3 weeks its so good.


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The Miranda Sings Award

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This is about…six months late whoops! Sorry, but as you’ll soon be able to tell, I’m getting caught up and back in the swing of things!



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1 – I get very good grades in school.

2 – I’m double-jointed, and it is immensely fun to freak people out by twisting my arm backwards.

3 – I am quite pleased with how well this blog is doing.

4 – I can read about 100 pages an hour if I’m focused.

5 – I think I’ll make a very good pediatric neurologist; I’m good with kids.

6 – I’m a good tutor when I help people with AP biology.

7 – I have pretty eyes (hazel/green/gold that change in the light).

(Why was that so hard…)

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The Blogger Recognition Award #2

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Technically, I’ve done this tag before, but I feel I am better equipped to do a better job of answering some things now, so I’m doing it again!


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How my blog started 


My blog started because I wanted to one up my cousin.

You see, my aunt does PR and encouraged my cousin to start a blog since she gets dragged to a lot of events my aunt organizes/attends.

So, I had to start a blog too.

I choose to start a book blog because I love reading, but not many of my friends read the same books, at the same speed, that I did, so I couldn’t really talk to anyone but my best friend (who reads SO SLOWLY…Sorry LOVE YOU ANA BUT ITS TRUE). So, book blog it was.

And since I liked it, I just kept doing it. Even when my cousin lost interest. I enjoyed it, and I continued, even if it took a couple mo the for me to get in the swing of things (re: a year) and I still fall off the face of the Earth every once in a while.

Advice number one:

Make friends. Make connections. Talk to people. Comment, respond, like. You can’t blog in a vacuum. And its more fun with friends. If your worried about bothering someone, or that someone has too many followers to talk to you, DON’T BE. We all blog to talk to people about books, so talk. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation.


Advice number two:

If you say you’re going to do something: Do it.

Review the books you say you’ll review. Post what and when you say you will.

It doesn’t matter if you out once a day or once a month, but stay true to your word.

Readers don’t want to stick around for a liar or a flake.

(This is something I need to follow as well, I’m terrible at consistency, but at least I own up to that.)



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