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Scars & Stories: Asexuality

I haven't done a scars and stories post in a long time, not since (and I just checked this) October of 2016. I've only done about 5 total in the over-a-year since I've started blogging goal, actually WRITE MY OWN FEATURES. I'm getting off track. So, I've mentioned that I identify as asexual (ace)… Continue reading Scars & Stories: Asexuality

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So, some of my friends recently started there own book blogs and if you like my blog, I think you'll really enjoy there's. Roses Book Nook - My friend Kendall. She has some great reviews and awesome bookstagram photos! Night Court Reads - MY BEST FRIEND. Ana has been my best friend for 7 years… Continue reading Shoutout!

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Discussion: Unhauling Books

With ever growing TBRs and book collections comes ever decreasing shelf space. Especially when book bloggers move houses or go off to college. Shelf space is a hot commodity not to be trifled with. One ever common way to deal with this is the book unhaul. Bloggers either donate books or host giveaways for books they… Continue reading Discussion: Unhauling Books

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Discussion: Struggles Of A Book Blogger

Being a book blogger is weird, because it's a hobby, at least for most it isn't a job, and it's fun. But it's also stressful like a real job - and requires a hell of a lot of effort, especially if your on your own. Here, I'm discussing the 7 major things that can cause… Continue reading Discussion: Struggles Of A Book Blogger

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What Cats Do Book Tag

I was tagged by the absolutely perfect human being behind Icebreaker694 - seriously, she tags me in things all the time and doesn't kill me when I'm a year late. I was also tagged by a more recent blog find - Sophie @ Blame Chocolate - who is as amazingly sweet as the chocolate she's obsessed with. Check out… Continue reading What Cats Do Book Tag

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The Miranda Sings Award

I was tagged by the ever-amazing The Orangutan Librarian, seriously, check them out! This is about...six months late whoops! Sorry, but as you'll soon be able to tell, I'm getting caught up and back in the swing of things! Rules: (1) Announce your win with a post, and link the blogger who nominated you. (2) Include… Continue reading The Miranda Sings Award

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The Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated by the wonderful Ann The Book Master - thank you so much!!! Sorry this took my like, 5 months, to get to... But, you know, school is a thing. “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of… Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

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Q & A From Icebreaker694

I asked around for guest posts in February, and one idea I got from lovely blogger Icebreaker694 was to interview each other. We asked each other 11 questions are are answering them Q&A style. Here are the 11 she asked me with my answers, and you can check out her's over at her blog! What… Continue reading Q & A From Icebreaker694

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Guest Post: 5 Benefits of Writing for Mental Health by Talasi Guerra

5 Benefits of Writing for Mental Health My name is Talasi Guerra and I am a mental health blogger. Let me clarify that—I am not a mental health professional. Rather, I am an average, every day person who is navigating the ins and outs of life with mental illness. I have struggled with mental illness… Continue reading Guest Post: 5 Benefits of Writing for Mental Health by Talasi Guerra

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March 2017 Wrap Up

  Finished Books: One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus - 5 Stars New Americans by Geoffrey C. Scott Harrison - 4 Stars Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...But You Could Have Done It Better - 3 Stars I didn't finish many books this month, life has been hectic. School and everything is hard… Continue reading March 2017 Wrap Up