Mini Movie Reviews #5: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 / The Boss Baby / SpiderMan: Homecoming / Butter / Maximum Overdrive / Jessica Darling’s It List

So, for the fourth week in a row, here is a the fifth installment of mini movie reviews, featuring six movies of various genre- there is absolutely no theme to this one, but I hope you enjoy none-the-less!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


I don’t need to tell you this movie is great – its MCU. Its was hilarious, and amazing. Certain things differ from what I know from the comics, but I like what they did – and most MCU movies differ anyways. Its about Peter finding his dad – and that’s all I’ll say for fear of spoiling. But, toddler Groot is super cute, all the relationships are great, the references to the original Guardians in the comics, everything was great. The soundtrack is super amazing again. I might even like it more than Vol. 1.

The Boss Baby


Yes, this is a children’s movie. I have a little sister okay, you try watching a movie 15+ times and not forming opinions.

I will say Dreamworks did a really great job. This is one of this kids movies that is enjoyable by older audiences (I’m 17 – I am very much not the target audience). Its really funny – and has a lot of little jokes I don’t think my sister got. Its about a 7 year old getting a little brother – and its unreliable narrator at its finest. Its also getting a sequel apparently? I liked it, if you have kids are siblings, its a good pick.

Spider-Man: Homecoming


Ignoring the fact that this is the third new Spider-Man in the last decade – it was a very good film. It forgoes the origin story – which really, if you’ve watched a movie in the last decade you should know the origin story of Spider-Man and is, instead, a look at Spider-Man post-Civil-War trying to be a superhero and a teenager at the same time. Peter Parker feels like a teenager here, he’s awkward, and kind of stupid no matter how smart he his, and messes up a lot, but he means well. It is very teen-y compared to other Spider-Man movies – but I thought it was really funny and well written. Tony Stark’s interactions with Peter are EVERYTHING HERE. If you were iffy about a third Spider-Man, I’d say give it a chance.



This is, again, one of those random movies on Netflix that I watched because I was bored. It was…pretty bad. There is, well, not no plot, but not a sensical one. It is pretty funny in its trainwreck-ness though, and the little girl is legitimately funny in her narration. If you need a light hearted, dumb comedy, its a good pick.

Maximum Overdrive


Maximum Overdrive is the epitome of so-bad-its-great b-film to watch. About trucks coming to life and trying to kill people.

We saw it at Supercon during “PSL spoils the film” and, if you like hate-watching b-rated horror flicks, this is the best one to do so.

Jessica Darling’s It List


Jessica Darling’s It List is an adaptation of a middle grade novel I’ve never read, so I can’t compare it. I can say its a pretty cute movie though. Obviously, its a little dumb/dramatic, but its intended audience is 10-12 year olds, so keep that in mind. Its light-hearted, pretty funny, and the cast does a good job. If you have kids/siblings, its a good pick, especially since its on Netflix.

And that’s it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this installment of mini movie reviews!

Have you seen any of these? Do you agree/disagree with my thoughts on any?

Are they are movies you’d like me to review?

Let me know down in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!




Mini Movie Reviews #3: Barely Lethal / Now You See Me 1 & 2 / Speech & Debate / Odd Thomas / Not Another Happy Ending / Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Because book reviews are slow going for various reasons, I’ve been tackling the half-finished movie reviews in my drafts in the form of mini reviews.

Today, I’m back with another seven (mini) reviews! Because if each movie got its own post, I’d never finish…

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Barely Lethal


Barely Lethal is a movie literally no one I know has seen.

Its a fairly recent (2015 I think?) film that RomCom meets Teen Spy flick.

Its a little cheesy, but its funny, and well paced, and the action scenes, plot, world building and cast are all amazing.

It centers a teen girl raised from childhood to be a spy (with Samuel L. Jackson as the director of the girls so you know its good), and who wants to be normal, so she runs away and poses as an exchange student with a family to go to normal high school.

Its a really entertaining film, and if it sounds at all appealing, I highly encourage you to watch it.

Now You See Me


Now You See Me is a film about stage magicians – that seem to do real magic – playing off heists and crimes, and the police trying to catch them. There’s lots of twists and turns, and its an all around great movie, one of my favorites actually. The casting/acting is the best, the dialogue is hilarious, and the action/CGI is great. I really, really recommend it!

Now You See Me 2


This is the sequel to the above movie. While not as good as the first, it was still really enjoyable, and a good addition to the plot. Some parts of the pacing fell flat, but the dialogue and acting were still great, as well as the effects. The new girl in this one through me off, but thats because the actress from the first movie didn’t want to come back, so I can’t entirely fault it. If you enjoyed the first one, its worth watching.

Speech & Debate


Speech & Debate is a movie I saw on Netflix and watched because I as bored. You know, one of the many random movies you’ve never heard of Netflix always seems to have?

It was funny, and pretty frank in its discussions of the struggles a lot of teens have, it doesn’t really pull its punches. The family relationships were a little hard to keep track of – it took me a while to realize whose parents were whose, but that could’ve been me not paying attention – and its a little corny, but if you like teen Rom-Coms that focus on friendship rather than romance, its worth checking out. I enjoyed it.

Odd Thomas


Odd Thomas is an adaptation of a book by the same name – though I can’t speak to how faithful it is as I’ve never read the book. I can say that I enjoyed this movie immensely. The casting and acting is great, its funny, and its well written. The pacing is on point. The action scenes were great. All around solid, enjoyable movie.

Odd Thomas is centered on a kid (he’s like, 19?) that can see ghosts – but not speak to them. And its just a great film.

Not Another Happy Ending


I watched this movie for two reasons: It was on Netflix, and it stars Karen Gillian, who I love.

Its a Rom-Com, featuring a struggling author who writes stories inspired by her (troubled) childhood, trying to find love, but the thing is, she’s happy, and being happy makes her writing worse, so her (editor? Agent?) seeks ti make her unhappy, so she can finish her next novel.

Its pretty cheesy, but pretty entertaining, and the cast is great.

Kingsmen: The Secret Service


Kingsmen is an action movie – R rated so it is very violent/bloody and has cursing, fair warning – based on a comic series. About this pretty troubled young guy, whose dad died in service of The Kingsmen (which is essentially a top secret British organization) and is invited to undergo trials to see if he makes it as an agent himself. Along the way, aside from the pretty brutal training, a crazy rich dude wants to take over the world, so The Kingsmen have to stop him. I don’t want to spoil the movie, because the plot, acting, action scenes etc. are all phenomenal, and its one of my favorite movies.

Its also getting a sequel, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, though some of the ads are a bit spoiler-y for the first film so I won’t put it here.

I hope you enjoyed these mini reviews.

Let me know if you like these, if you’ve seen any of these movies, agree/disagree with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


The Twilight Tag

I saw this over at A Book Lover’s Playlist and it looked like fun, so I’m doing it despite not being tagged!

1. What movie and book is your favorite?
Twilight – for both.

2. What has your experience been like with Twilight?

My grandma gave me the first book for Christmas in 4th grade because my cousin Jasmine loved the books (she was in 5th grade at the time – so my grandma didn’t realize it was inappropriate for a 9 year old).
So, I read it, and I really loved it, and made my mom buy me the next book. And the next book. And the next book.
Mind you I was nine – Jacob was my favorite solely because he was Sharkboy – and I skipped chances of pages in both Eclipse and Break Dawn because it had “weird adult stuff” – I didn’t fully read the books until 7th grade.
I made my parents watch the movies with me. I got my friends to read the books and the entire series and started a shipping war.
The teacher at one point called my mom because my book wasn’t appropriate for my age, my mom said I could read what I wanted.
My and Twilight had a whole thing.

3. Favorite character?
I loved Seth Clearwater, and I love Alice and Jasper.

4. Team Edward or Jacob?
I was team Jacob for most of the series – now I’m Team Edward.

5. Your favorite Cullen (other than Edward)
Alice! She’s a wonderful pixie.

6. Favorite song from the soundtrack? Or favorite soundtrack?
Basic but: 1000 Years from Breaking Dawn.

7. How often do you watch a Twilight movie?
Every few years now I’d guess. I rewatched Twilight a few months ago though.

8. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
Vampire – not sure how well being a werewolf would go since I’m allergic to dogs.

9. What vampire power would you want?
Any? One of the elemental powers probably. Or Jasper’s emotions thing.

10. Most embarrassing thing you did because of Twilight?
Made my mom take me to the midnight premier of Break Dawn Part II – and wore Twilight necklaces/shirts a lot.

11. A part that made you cry in the book and in the movie?
A lot of things – most notably Rosalie’s backstory.

12. Name all of the movies from your favorite to least favorite.

Breaking Dawn Part II
Breaking Dawn Part I
New Moon

I Tag:
Anyone who wants to do this.

Discussion: Why I Still Love Twilight


Hating on Twilight is pretty popular – more popular these days than liking it. A lot of book bloggers have written about how they used to love Twilight but have since learned better or grown out of it. And that’s fine – your tastes change throughout your life. But while I may not be as obsessed as I was when I was younger, Twilight will always have a place in my heart – I still love it.


The Problem With Twilight:

People hate on Twilight these days for a multitude of reasons.

Because it started a vampires and werewolf trend, because it got more popular than “more worthy” books, because its objectively not wonderfully written, because teenage girls liked it and people like hating on the things teenage girls like. Because it started the YA movie fad.

Pick your poison – I think people just like being crabby.

Twilight isn’t the objectively best written. There are cringe-y moments (Jacob’s imprint, Bella’s “helpless girl who needs a boy” portrayal etc.) but its hardly the worst written or most problematic book to reach this popularity, let alone one existence.


My History with Twilight:

I read Twilight in the fourth grade – when I was 9 or 10 years old. I read the entire saga that year. My grandma bought me the first book for Christmas because my cousin, a year older than me, loved it. My grandma thought I might like it to.

(My grandma already had an established history of buying me books for Christmas. She bought me the full Harry Potter series when I was 7 (second grade) 0 I trusted her judgement. She bought me the full Ms. Peregrine’s trilogy for Christmas this past year.)

So because she bought me Twilight, I read it. I had no idea what it was about, but I loved it. Made me mom buy me the rest of the books. Read those too.

I got sent to the guidance counselor’s office at one point because they were concerned about a 9 year old reading such mature content, they called my mom and everything. But since my mom was cool with it they had to let me continue reading – even if I got my book taken away a few times for reading during class.

I made my dad rent the movies that were out so far – and made him watch them with me. He hated them – but watched all five. I had all the shirts, posters, and necklaces. I made all my friends read the books and started a shipping war among the fourth graders.


The moment where I am Bella and Bella is me.

Twilight and Me – Now:

I’d thought my obsession had calmed down. I reread the books in 7th grade – in full for the first time since in 4th grade I skipped all the “weird” (read “sex”) parts – no matter how mild Twilight really is, I was 9 the first time through. The second time around I was firmly Team Edward – the first time I’m pretty sure my loyalty to Jacob was entirely based on the fact that Taylor Lautner was Sharkboy.

But cue the release of Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined and I had it in my hands and read within the week.

I haven’t read the whole series in years – but Twilight itself remains a comfort read for me. The movies are “I’m sick and want to be entertained without thinking” movies.


Final Thoughts:

I don’t have it in me to hate on Twilight. Flaws and all.

Part of it might be history and rose-tinted glasses rather than objectiveness – but who cares? Enjoying things is nice, reading is meant to be fun. Something doesn’t have to be objectively good to be enjoyed or liked – why do you think people love lifetime movies?

I just don’t see the appeal of critiquing the flaws in every detail of something I once loved – so I just won’t.

Allow yourself the rose tinted glasses sometimes.

What do you think?

Did you like Twilight?

Do you still like it?

Why or why not?

Let me know!