Free Comic Book Day 2018 – Haul

Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May every year. There are a set of free comics to choose from, and stores all around the US participate. I go every year.

Here’s my haul from today!

 This little hulk heroclix figure was given to me for free for buying more than $25 worth of stuff. I buy stuff to support the store when I go for free comic book day, and a bunch of stores do different promos and sales on free comic book day.

These buttons were also given to me for free.






I bought 4 issues of Superman/Wonder Women power couple at my sister’s instistance.













These two trade paperbacks were on sale as well, so I bought them. I’ve liked the rebirth comics I’ve read, so Justice League Vol. 1 Origins seemed like a great find. And I love The Flash TV show, which this is season zero for.





These are some 1 in 50 variant covers I found. I LOVE the A + X series, and Secret Origin of Tony Stark. I like collecting variant covers. I know 1 in 50 variants aren’t resold for super high amounts, but for $5, when the store generally sold them for $30, it seemed like a good deal.



I’ve been slowly and steadily collecting the single issues of Loki, Agent of Asgard for a while. One day I’ll have them all.




These are my free comic book day free comics. I think its a pretty good haul.






On top of the comics and stuff I got (I spent about $37) I got some posters for free.



Supercon 2017 Book Haul

So, Supercon happened back in July.

And I meant to make a post ALL ABOUT IT.

But then life happened.

So, I’m not going to do a day-by-day of Supercon 2017.

But I will show you my haul. Because I can find and buy books ANYWHERE I GO. Its like a superpower.


First up in miscellaneous stuff.

-A signed mechanical dragon poster which is pretty cool.

-A Captain America fidget spinner because I’m a 12 year old boy apparently but I like it so its okay.

-Some PSL (Pineapple Shaped Lamps buttons_ – they’re a comedy troop we see every year. We may or may not have traumatized my ten year old cousin by taking her to all their shows.

-Some CW buttons + other free promo buttons.

-Some bookmarks / business cards pretty enough to use as bookmarks.


A copy of V for Vendetta signed and personalized by David Lloyd.

I have no regrets on this.



-The Fantastic Four is a soft cover bind up of Stan Lee comics from the 70’s – which is cool.

-Winter Solider is one of my favorite comic arcs and I FINALLY OWN IT NOW.

-I am a huge fan of Media tie in books. I had no will power against the Angel CaseFiles.


CW DC Superheroes poster.


PSL Signed Dr Horrible Shadowcast Giant Poster


Signed Star Trek Continues Exclusive Episode 9 Premiere poster

And thats it!

Thats my Supercon haul!

Have you read any of these? Do you like any of the stuff I got? Did you go to Supercon? Do you watch Star Trek Continues?

Let me know!

Discussion: Where To Buy (Cheap) Books


As book bloggers, we love them, and often times, hoard them like dragons hoarding gold.

We all want to be like those book bloggers with endless shelves, and massive frequent book hauls, but it can be hard when you don’t have much in the way in disposable income for buying books.

Books are EXPENSIVE.

I’m 17, I may get an allowance, but not nearly enough to buy all the books I would want to (which is why I have 2-3 book hauls a year, generally from birthday/christmas gifts).

Without further ado, here are some of the places I find cheap books, to help you out in your book blogging, or just reading, adventures.

Local Used Bookstores

To me, this is the most fun option, because it means you get to go exploring.

If you google “used bookstores + city name” you’ll find at least one, unless your in a really small town or something (and my grandma lives in Tryon, a town so small everything is on a single street – and they have a used bookstore so…).

Exploring a second hand bookstore is super fun, especially when you find a gem hidden in the trash.

We used to have two near where I live, but both closed down recently and it makes me sad…

Book Outlet

Book Outlet is famous in the book blog world.

Basically, Book Outlet is a website where, while the selection isn’t everything/recent, it is pretty large, easy to sort through, and books – even hardcovers – can range from $1-$10 dollars.

And now they have flat rate shipping for the US and Canada!

The Strand

The Strand is a famous independent bookstore in New York (and its large and epic in person!) that has an online store.

While they do have full priced books, they have a clearance section, book sales, and the intriguing, mystical phenomenon known as “books by the foot” that I’ve never tried but I want to.

Its worth checking out.


A site where people and stores can sell old books – some new, some used.

You can find some cheap copies every once in a while, and the site has a good reputation when it comes to antique and/or signed books.


Basically the same idea as AbeBooks, but I prefer the Biblio site personally.

Half Price Books

Another famous site. As the name would suggest, they offer a pretty wide array of discounted books.

Project Gutenburg

Now, this one is a little different.

Project Gutenberg isn’t for buying books, but reading e-books for free.

Here’s their self description: “Project Gutenberg offers over 54,000 free eBooks: Choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. You will find the world’s great literature here, especially older works for which copyright has expired. We digitized and diligently proofread them with the help of thousands of volunteers.”

Its a free site, and if you like classics and e-books, its great!

Kindle Deals

If you have a Kindle e-reader from Amazon, Amazon has deals, discounts, book on sale, etc. that changes pretty often, but is worth checking out if your looking for something new to read.

Thrift Books

Another site, similar to Half Price, etc.

You can buy both new and used copies here, and prices can vary wildly (as stores can sell old copies here like Biblio but more organized), but you can find pretty cheap copies of even popular or newer YA books here every so often.

I’m sure there are other sites like these, but these are the ones I use.

I hope this helps some of you out and that you enjoyed this!

Discussion: Unhauling Books

With ever growing TBRs and book collections comes ever decreasing shelf space.

Especially when book bloggers move houses or go off to college.
Shelf space is a hot commodity not to be trifled with.

One ever common way to deal with this is the book unhaul.

Bloggers either donate books or host giveaways for books they no longer want on their shelves.

Different bloggers have different criteria for unhauls.

Some do it periodically to rid themselves of books below a certain star rating or that they distinctly disliked.

Some giveaway arcs they’ve finished.

Some get rid of old / beat up / or multiple copies of the same books. Sometimes it’s just a book they don’t intend to reread.

This is a good thing – or spreads the book Iove and stops your shelf from killing you in your sleep.

But I think I’m incapable of it.

Over the years I’ve turned in a handful of books to second hand stores, give.
A few to my sister or cousins.
But I am overwhelmingly a hoarder.

I always have been.
I probably always will.

I should probably embrace the unhauling.

Or next year when I’m packing up for college and start feeling the urge to set things on fire so I don’t have to deal with them.

What do you think?

Do you unhaul books?

I Have No Shelf-Control: A Book Haul

This is…pretty long overdue.

I’m going to just let it speak for itself.

Sometime in April –

I preordered a book. I have an allowance, and this is what I chose to spend it on. It comes at the end of October and I’m dying!

A Darker Shade of Magic Collector’s Edition



I also won a giveaway from That Bookshelf Bitch


I also got another review copy from Blogging for Books



And the finished copy of a book I reviewed a while back (Netgalley Review: I Love You With All My Butt) from Estelle at Workman Publishing.

May 9th –

I won a Goodreads Giveaway!


May 13th –

My mother bought me two books and some bookmarks. for several reasons.

I had to get my blood drawn – and after stabbing me three times, they couldn’t get enough so I had to go a second time the next week and she felt bad.

I also had an anxiety attack at school yesterday because I was wearing my Friday uniform and didn’t know we weren’t allowed to (I hadn’t been at school the day prior due to afore mentioned blood drawing and subsequent feeling terrible and thus didn’t hear) and got yelled at by the principal and had an anxiety attack. That was…not so fun. I sat on the ground hyperventilating and crying for a solid 15 minutes. My friend Patty got me water, I was ignored my several adults. The fact that this was doing an AP testing week may have contributed to my freak out – thank goodness I didn’t have a test that day.

I also finished AP testing without dying.

So, she bought me some books. To appease/congratulate/reward me.


May 21st –

My best friend took us into Barnes and Noble after we watched Everything Everything (Adaptation Review: Everything Everything).

And signed copies make me weak.

May 26th –

I won a giveaway and the book came in the mail. Signed with some bonus bookmarks!

June + July –

I bought a bunch of books from Barnes and Noble with gift cards I had saved from the holidays.

These arrived:



Also in June –

I received copies of Gork, The Teenage Dragon from Penguin Random House – one copy to keep, and the other to giveaway. GIVEAWAY: Gork, The Teenage Dragon – Open until Monday at midnight!


Also In June –

I went to both Washington DC and New York City with my cousins!

In DC we went to this NASA library and well…

I came back with a box of NASA books… So thats good. I may have a problem…

In New York, we visited The Strand (a famous indie bookstore).


I got some bargain books and a bunch of cool pins plus a patch. Again, I have a problem…

Other random souvenirs:

Plus a Hershey’s mug.

These are all the books I got in the last few months!

Plus Pride & Prejudice and A Thousand Splendid Suns but these are my summer reading, not just “because I wanted it” purchases.

I also reorganized my bookshelves though!

I hope you guys liked this. Let me know what you think! Have you read any of these books? Want to read them? Loved, liked, hated them?Judging me intensely? Let me know!

Black Friday and Christmas Haul

Its been FOREVER since I’ve done a book haul. I did a mini-birthday one when I got Hammer of Thor, Gemina, and The Illustrated Philosopher’s Stone…then a Miami Book Fair Book Haul…and haven’t done one since.

I don’t buy books often, basically when I have gift-cards or am taken somewhere like an event.

But, holidays mean sales and gifts  which means little self control and lots of books!

So, lets do this!



All these books above are from book outlet. They had a great sale. I got these 8 plus 2 for my best friend for about $45 total including shipping. So not bad.

I’ve already read Because You’ll Never Meet Me, but I loved it so much I needed a physical copy. I’m excited to read the rest!

I have a signed copy of Ghostly Echoes, so I needed to pick up Jackaby and Beastly Bones.

I have My True Love Gave To Me, so getting Summer Days and Summer Nights was a given.

The others? They are expanded universe/making-of books for some of my favorite shows…so I needed it!



Replica was a gift from my best friend Ana, she knew I’m been dying to read it. I got her Beastly Bones for Christmas (she’s currently reading Jackaby) and made her some bookmarks. I also got her Because You’ll Never Meet Me and a ACOMAF art print card, but that was an early birthday present.

The Fantastic Beasts cards are from my friend Patty. We’ve been theorizing over the series ever since we saw it opening night. Our goal before we graduate is to get Ana as obsessed with Harry Potter as we are.


Not a book or bookish, but kinda cool. I went to a christmas party and we did a gag-gift-white-elephant-game-thing and this is what I needed up with: A make your own flashlight. Kinda neat.



The bracelet and book charm are from my grandma. Inside the quote says: “Ignore the things you have to do, and just enjoy a book or two”. Its so cute.

The little medical staff charm is from my aunt, since I want to be a doctor.



Misc. presents from family that I just thought we cool.



My dad got me the board game. It seems like fun!


This is from my other grandma. I’m so excited to finally read this series!


Not my present, I got them for my dad because Hitchhiker’s Guide and The Princess Bride are his two favorite books. He really loved them!


Now, what did you guys think? What did you get? I also got some Barnes and Nobles cards so you know another book haul is coming soon.


I hope you all have a Merry Christmas/what-ever you celebrate!









Miami Book Fair Book Haul

Today I did something very exciting: I went to the Miami International Book Fair!

The book fair is something Miami Dade College hosts every year. For two weeks of November, several streets are blocked off and filled with booths and filled with books. Authors come to speak, books are sold cheaply (or, well, cheaper), and for a book blogger who lives too far and has no money for the greater conventions of BookCon and BEA, its GLORIOUS!

I sadly didn’t get to go to any events, but they were at inconvenient times and I can’t drive myself, my dad did, so…

But, I did get to go to the street fair today with my best friend Ana (who’s starting a book blog!!!), my cousins, my aunt and uncle, my dad, and sister.

Without further ado, I will now haul the books!

Full Price Books:

This is the very first book I bought at the fair. I bought it full priced for $19, the cool thing about the fair was they weren’t charging sales tax, so it was still cheaper than getting it elsewhere, but it was still a good chunk of money. Its worth it though, because look at that signature!


I’ve been dying to read this series for a while, so when I saw the signed book with a cute little ghost, I HAD to get it. I plan on buying the first two with my birthday giftcards. I paid $19 for this one as well, but you know, SIGNED HARDCOVER.



Cheap Books:


I like Grace’s Youtube channel, and this was only a $1, so I figured why not?



I own hardcovers of the first two books of the series, so I figured why not complete it, it was only a dollar.



This one was $3, and I’ve heard good things about it, so when I saw it I grabbed it. I have very little self control at these sorts of things as you can see…



I like medical nonfiction, I like certain types of memoirs. This was $1. I had to get it okay?



I…really have nothing to say to this. I just wanted a nice humor book to distract me from life and it was a $1.



Another $1 book, there was a whole booth. I also bought a $1 book for my friend (not pictured) so I could get a free tote for buying 5 books. This one is more science/medicine nonfiction, it entertains me.


Free Books:


There were three authors signing free books, this was one of them. I’m not even sure about this one, I just know its nonfiction and basically, after getting the other two, I felt too awkward to say no. I’ll still read it though.

This one is adult fiction. Not quite sure about it, but it was free and I got it signed so…it’ll get read at some point.

This was the first free book I got. The author was signing and giving away copies and it looked pretty interesting, so I’m excited for this one!



In the children’s alley of the book fair, they had this thing were if you visit and get a sticker from each booth, you get a free book, and I got a hardcover copy of the Maze Runner. I’ve never read it, so now I think is a good time.






The Dragon and Knight book was the free Children’s alley book my sister got.

True Meaning of Smekday is a book I bought for her since she loves the movie Home so much.


This is a free tote I got for buying 5 $1 books.


A collection of bookmarks I amassed from various booths.


I won this from one of those spin the wheel things at the MyBookBox booth. The necklace matches my Moose branding, which is pretty cool!


And these were some chapter samplers I got.


In all, I spent about $50 and got 14 books (12 for me, 2 for my sister), which is pretty good! You’d get maybe three books for that much at any bookstore.

Honestly, I love the Miami book fair, and if your every in town while its happening, you should go!

I hope you liked this haul!

So tell me, have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Let me know!

I Won A Giveaway: An Awesome Haul

To celebrate her 900 followers milestone, Sammie @ Bookshelves&Biros hosted a giveaway (and really, truly, go check out her blog, because she is amazing and wonderful and deserves those 900 followers and many, many, more!).

I won said giveaway, which was very exciting! Friday, the package came in the mail and I wanted to share this as a mini haul for you guys! I also wanted to thank Sammie again, and give her a shoutout, you should ALL go follow her blog, I don’t think you’ll regret it!



This picture above is just a sort of general, look at everything, picture. I’ll go into each item below, but I am very very happy!



First two items are these cute little pins, which is great because I collect pins (I have so many, they aren’t even on anything they are just on my shelf…).

I’m not sure what the feminist one is from, but its super cool looking! If anyone wants to let me know what its from, I’d gladly accept that information.

The You Are Wanted one I’m pretty sure is for Holding Up The Universe, it is also super cute.



This is  fairly large poster for Square Root Of Summer, a book I’ve been DYING to read. Even more so now with the awesome quote on the awesome poster!



Then we have a The Girl Of Ink & Stars tote bag which is epic because I am a total hoarder/bag lady (according to my mother) and am in constant need of tote bags.



The main attraction of course, is the book.

The Haunting by Alex Bell is perfect to read now for halloween, even if I’ll end up finishing it in November. And I’ve heard great things about the author, I’m super excited to get to this!



We also got some stickers. It’s Tough Being A Girl is from a Holly Bourne book, and it’ll be great for my poor naked laptop.

The Be Dangerous sticker is signed(!) by Leigh Bardugo and I’m going to save it to put into my copy of Six of Crows when I stop being cheap/lazy and go buy it. It’s one of my most wanted books.



This is a Rhy/Feyra card for A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J Maas. The artwork is beautiful, and my best friend is about two seconds away from stealing this from me. I read and loved ACOTAR but I have yet to read ACOMAF. The (kinda graphic) sex thing is off-putting to me. But I’m going to get to it soon, since I did love the first book and Ana might beat me if I don’t…



And last but not least, some bookmarks, which I am always in dire need off! Here you can see the front and back and these three lovely bookmarks that I will most definitely be using. Their super cute!