I Won A Giveaway: An Awesome Haul

To celebrate her 900 followers milestone, Sammie @ Bookshelves&Biros hosted a giveaway (and really, truly, go check out her blog, because she is amazing and wonderful and deserves those 900 followers and many, many, more!). I won said giveaway, which was very exciting! Friday, the package came in the mail and I wanted to share this as… Continue reading I Won A Giveaway: An Awesome Haul

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A (Long Overdue) Book Haul!!

Okay, so this is... Long over due. But, I'm bad at staying on top of things! I am really excited to show you guys this though! Over the summer, I bought (pre-ordered) Cursed Child, as many a Potter-fan did. I still have not gotten around to it, a combination of summer homework, school starting, and… Continue reading A (Long Overdue) Book Haul!!

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An Academic Book Haul + Camp Merch

As you all know, I got back from camp last Friday, this is very late because I have been busy (seeing family, cleaning, wisdom teeth...) and the full account of my time away will be later still, but until then, I wanted to show off my souvenirs, most notably my books, this is a book… Continue reading An Academic Book Haul + Camp Merch

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A Book Haul!!!

Hello my sweeties! I have books to show you today! (Can you tell that I'm excited? And that I have had coffee? Because I am and I have.) Okay so Wonder was meant to be a present for ScribbleBabble but I may keep it... Its really pretty and I am terrible. Haven't decided yet. So, that's what… Continue reading A Book Haul!!!

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I Got Lady Midnight! (2 of them…)

So, I actually got these books awhile ago, but because I'm behind on everything else blogging wise, it stands to reason that I would have forgotten to mention these. I got two copies of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.   Now, here me out before you judge me. I originally pre-ordered the book from Barnes and… Continue reading I Got Lady Midnight! (2 of them…)


Black Friday: Books I Ordered

If you live in America, you know that today is Black Friday, aka the day everyone goes crazy over sales and buys a lot of stuff they don't strictly need but want anyway. If you know me, that is pretty much the textbook relationship between me and books, I don't strictly need anymore, but I… Continue reading Black Friday: Books I Ordered