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500 Follower – Q&A Time!

Okay, A few days ago, I posted my frantic excitement over getting 500 FOLLOWERS!! And I send I wanted to do a Q&A, luckily, some very lovely people asked me some very lovely questions, so lets get to this!! Orangutan Librarian - who recently hit 900 followers go them! - Asked all their followers: What are you… Continue reading 500 Follower – Q&A Time!

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The Entertainer Blogger Award (Again)

Technically, I did this award over the summer, but, I'm gong to do it again because I was nominated by the ever lovely Ann The Book Master, and I feel my answers have changed, as well as will be nicer and less rushed since I did it before the night before I left for camp. The… Continue reading The Entertainer Blogger Award (Again)

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Miami Book Fair Book Haul

Today I did something very exciting: I went to the Miami International Book Fair! The book fair is something Miami Dade College hosts every year. For two weeks of November, several streets are blocked off and filled with booths and filled with books. Authors come to speak, books are sold cheaply (or, well, cheaper), and… Continue reading Miami Book Fair Book Haul

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Blogging Book Tag

Hello Sweeties! I am back! Reading! Writing! Giving you something that wasn't scheduled a month ago! I was tagged by the creator of this lovely tag Icebreaker694, whose blog is amazing and wonderful so go check it out! She really makes the BEST original tags! Now let's do this! ( I used her graphics because I'm… Continue reading Blogging Book Tag


Recommending Middle Grade Reads (That Aren’t Recent)

An Introduction: In the world of book blogging, when hundreds of books are coming out each week, it is sometimes hard to stop and remember old favorites, especially those from when we were younger. Most people who read Middle Grade these days only ever seem to recommend the classics: A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Alice… Continue reading Recommending Middle Grade Reads (That Aren’t Recent)