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Thoughts for Thursday: How To Un-haul Books

Unhauling books is a question that comes up for book bloggers and hoarders all the time. We buy a lot of books, and eventually, space becomes a rare commodity. The question i, how do you actually unhaul books? As a self-confessed hoarder (of books, and admittedly, everything else), this is what works for me. Take… Continue reading Thoughts for Thursday: How To Un-haul Books

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Favorite Books of the Decade: 2010-2019

So, this past decade, I was 10 (2010) to 20 (turned in 2019) years old, so a lot of reading, and a lot of formative reading was done. Here are the ten books that most stick out as my favorite of the decade, narrowed to those published within the peace as well.  

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Rec Your Friday: A New Weekly Book Blogging Meme

Here is another series I want to start on this blog! The series is Rec Your Friday, and each week there will be a theme. Themes may be a trope, a general bookish theme, a genre, or may ask for favorites repping a particular aspect not seen as often in books such as F/F romances… Continue reading Rec Your Friday: A New Weekly Book Blogging Meme

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Where to Begin?

The Magician’s Nephew and The Horse and His Boy are set earlier in the story of Narnia, but published after, making them some sort of prequel. When first published, the books were not numbered. C.S. Lewis’s reply to a letter from an American reading who was having an argument with his mother on the subject: I think… Continue reading The Chronicles of Narnia: Where to Begin?

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Discussion: How To – Start A Book Blog

Advice from a Not-So-Seasoned Not-Quite-Professional A long while ago, I wrote a discussion with my advice on ARC requests. Surprisingly, to me at least, a lot of people liked it and found it useful. And I realized something, I feel like a floundering child when it comes to this blog, but with a year and… Continue reading Discussion: How To – Start A Book Blog

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So, some of my friends recently started there own book blogs and if you like my blog, I think you'll really enjoy there's. Roses Book Nook - My friend Kendall. She has some great reviews and awesome bookstagram photos! Night Court Reads - MY BEST FRIEND. Ana has been my best friend for 7 years… Continue reading Shoutout!

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Discussion: Who Would You Pick In This YA Love Triangle?

January didn't have a discussion, so February gets two! Valentines Day gave me a couple good discussion ideas too which is nice. For Valentines, my discussion post was What Makes A Good Book Boyfriend? Keeping with the Valentines theme though its passed already, this post is all about YA love triangles. Love them or hate them,… Continue reading Discussion: Who Would You Pick In This YA Love Triangle?

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Discussion: What Makes A Good Book Boyfriend?

Alternatively could be titled: Types of Book Boyfriends What Makes A Good Book Boyfriend: Book boyfriends are different from your OTP or preferred choice in a love triangle. Book boyfriends are book characters YOU would date. I have below a non-definitive list of my own book boyfriends, grouped into three types of book boyfriends -… Continue reading Discussion: What Makes A Good Book Boyfriend?

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Discussion: On Un-Hauling Books & How

Books - Every book blogger faces the problem, one day or another, of having too many. For example, my room is basically: Which is: Honestly probably some sort of health hazard (my shelf did once collapse and almost kill me once) Not so easy to deal with when I go to college next Fall. My… Continue reading Discussion: On Un-Hauling Books & How

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Discussion: Where To Buy (Cheap) Books

Books. As book bloggers, we love them, and often times, hoard them like dragons hoarding gold. We all want to be like those book bloggers with endless shelves, and massive frequent book hauls, but it can be hard when you don't have much in the way in disposable income for buying books. Books are EXPENSIVE.… Continue reading Discussion: Where To Buy (Cheap) Books