Discussion: When Do You Post Reviews

Book reviews are the main feature of most book blogs. Book reviews can make or break a book. And everyone has a different system for reviews and ratings.

The discussion today isn’t on what you review or how you review, but when.


By this I mean, do you review books as soon as you read them?
Do you wait a bit?
If you review arcs, do you wait until the book is released or review right away.
If it’s an older book, do you review it when the author has a new book coming out or just when ever?
Does it matter when reviews are posted, so long as they are?
My personal preference, you may have noticed, is to schedule arc reviews for release date unless otherwise asked. That way, anyone who decides they want to read the book has the option to buy it immediately.
Older books tend to be reviewed whenever I get the review written, then scheduled to where I think it fits best.
I personally am fine with reviewing books a while after I read them, in fact, unless I have a deadline, I am nearly patently incapable of reviewing a book as soon as I’m done. It’s a pipe dream for me.
But what do you think? Do your reviews have a set day of the week/month? When do you post arc reviews? Why do you do things that way?
Let me know what you think!

Easter Book Tag

This tag was created by Rosie The Reader on Booktube. I wasn’t tagged, but…well, today is Easter. It seemed fitting. (Ignore the backlog of tags I haven’t done – which is what I’m doing).

I’ve gotten so little of my spring break reading done… But I went to the Panic! At the Disco concert last night and had a blast so all is good! So tired now…

On to the tag!

Rabbits – A book you wish would multiply, or have a sequel.


Egg – A book that surprised you.


Hunt – A book that was hard for you to get your hands on.

Lambs – A children’s story you still enjoy.


Spring – A book with a cover that reminds you of spring.


Rising from the dead – a book from a deceased author


Baskets – A book in your wishlist right now.


Candy – A book that is sweet.


I’m lazy, so I tag everyone who sees this/celebrates Easter!

Spring Break Reading Plans

First: It is finally spring break! (At least in Miami-Dade).

Which means I should be able to catch up a bit on reading/blogging/studying as I won’t be in school this week (except yesterday morning, because I took the ACT…)

Second: This is not a TBR. Every time I make a TBR it fails, so this is a plan, not a TBR.

Now on to the reading plans for the week, because I’ve managed to get horrifically behind on both my review TBR and on my Goodreads challenge.

Netgalley books –
(Limited Timeframe To Read Them Because They Are On Adobe Digital Editions)


The Inexplicable Logic of My Life – 12 days left


I loved Aristotle and Dante by this same author, and I’m super excited to finish this one.

Tash Hearts Tolstoy – 53 days left


I’ve been DYING for this book. And I got approved! I think this will be the first ace protagonist I’ve read about and I’m excited for it.

The Shape of Ideas – 50 days left


I’ve been on a comics/nonfiction graphic novel kick. This is basically comprised on internet comics, and from what I’ve read so far, its pretty entertaining and quick.

Man Vs. Child – 50 days left


Another random book I requested on a whim. I am not a parent, not going to be one any time soon. I have no need to read this book. But it looked funny, and I like memoir type books. I also have an issue with over-requesting on Netgalley…

The Comic Book Story of Video Games – 54 days left


I requested this on a whim because it looked interesting. I play a lot of video games, and I’ve been on a nonfiction graphic novel/comics kick lately. So this seems good.

Netgalley Books –
(On My Kindle)


If We Were Villains


So many people have raved about this that I had to request it – and Netgalley came through! I don’t generally read adult/literary fiction or thrillers/mysteries – I don’t tend to enjoy them. But I’ve been on a villain/criminal kick (leverage, white collar etc.) and this looked too good to pass up. I’m only in the beginning but I’m enjoying it so far.

The Whole Thing Together


About halfway through this one. I like the writing so far – but I accidentally spoiled myself with it by looking at another review on Goodreads and… Well you know how it goes.

The Love Interest


I’m nearly done with this one. Literally the only reason I’m not is because at the part I’m on, things got very stressful and I couldn’t deal with it. You can’t just cover your ears for a minute in a book like you can with a movie – which means I start other books… I do really like this on through.

On The Spectrum


I started reading this the other day (you may have noticed by now, that I have an issue with reading multiple books at once – its a terrible habit). I’m about 10% through it, and I really like it. The characters are really well-developed and the story is engaging so far.

Now, is this past ambitious into insane? Well, yes, yes it is.

Is that going to to stop me? No, no it is not.

Hopefully (if I succeed at least) the reviews for books not yet out will be scheduled for their release dates, and books already released with by scheduled for once a week (I’m working on a new blogging schedule – you’ll see).

Wish me luck!

What are you reading this week?

Black Friday and Christmas Haul

Its been FOREVER since I’ve done a book haul. I did a mini-birthday one when I got Hammer of Thor, Gemina, and The Illustrated Philosopher’s Stone…then a Miami Book Fair Book Haul…and haven’t done one since.

I don’t buy books often, basically when I have gift-cards or am taken somewhere like an event.

But, holidays mean sales and gifts  which means little self control and lots of books!

So, lets do this!



All these books above are from book outlet. They had a great sale. I got these 8 plus 2 for my best friend for about $45 total including shipping. So not bad.

I’ve already read Because You’ll Never Meet Me, but I loved it so much I needed a physical copy. I’m excited to read the rest!

I have a signed copy of Ghostly Echoes, so I needed to pick up Jackaby and Beastly Bones.

I have My True Love Gave To Me, so getting Summer Days and Summer Nights was a given.

The others? They are expanded universe/making-of books for some of my favorite shows…so I needed it!



Replica was a gift from my best friend Ana, she knew I’m been dying to read it. I got her Beastly Bones for Christmas (she’s currently reading Jackaby) and made her some bookmarks. I also got her Because You’ll Never Meet Me and a ACOMAF art print card, but that was an early birthday present.

The Fantastic Beasts cards are from my friend Patty. We’ve been theorizing over the series ever since we saw it opening night. Our goal before we graduate is to get Ana as obsessed with Harry Potter as we are.


Not a book or bookish, but kinda cool. I went to a christmas party and we did a gag-gift-white-elephant-game-thing and this is what I needed up with: A make your own flashlight. Kinda neat.



The bracelet and book charm are from my grandma. Inside the quote says: “Ignore the things you have to do, and just enjoy a book or two”. Its so cute.

The little medical staff charm is from my aunt, since I want to be a doctor.



Misc. presents from family that I just thought we cool.



My dad got me the board game. It seems like fun!


This is from my other grandma. I’m so excited to finally read this series!


Not my present, I got them for my dad because Hitchhiker’s Guide and The Princess Bride are his two favorite books. He really loved them!


Now, what did you guys think? What did you get? I also got some Barnes and Nobles cards so you know another book haul is coming soon.


I hope you all have a Merry Christmas/what-ever you celebrate!









Discussion: Audiobooks

Audiobooks are much debated in the book community. Some people swear by them. Some people hate them. Some love audible. Some love overdrive. Some people debate the merit of certain narrators over others. Some people don’t think they count as real reading. Some people disagree with that idea.

My own opinion is that, as a concept, audiobooks are great. They let people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to read the chance to (either because of time or other obligations). You can listen to books, “read” while you clean or drive or whatever. I do think audiobooks count as “real” reading despite what some people may say.

But… I still hate audiobooks. Personally at least. I’m all for the existence and listening to of audiobooks (my dad listens to audiobooks all the time in the car). But I just can’t do it. Audiobook bother me too much.

For one thing, I read at quite a fast pace, so I could read most books faster than the audiobook would take to play.

For another thing, I can’t follow with an audiobook. I get distracted easily, and I am not an auditory learner usually. I forget details almost immediately when I’m just listening (which is why I actually have to read the textbook for class because being talked at doesn’t help me). I just cannot focus on audiobooks, I prefer to physically be reading a book.

Also, I hate listening to other people’s inflections on dialogue. I like imagining character voices for myself, and I can’t do that with an audiobooks.

These are just some of my problems with audiobooks. I don’t mean to hate, I just wanted to explain my own stance on them. I’ll probably get use to them and end up loving them one day. But for today, I just can’t.

Case in point, my dad listens to audiobooks all the time. I’m usually in the car with him when he does so I’ve heard enough, it just bothers me. I can’t even really remember which books he listened to. He listened to Game Of Thrones (the whole series) and I heard many a death scene. Still, because it was an audiobook I cannot remember a single thing I heard on the audiobook. The only audiobook I LIKED listening to was The Making Of The Princess Bride because different actors/people involved read different parts and it was non-fiction not a story, so I focused a lot more on it. I liked that. But I still won’t listen to audiobooks regularly.


Does anyone else share my opinion on audiobooks? Or do any of you really love them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!