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Discussion: The Great Book Format Debate – Paperback, Hardcover or E-book?

This is a discussion post virtually every book blogger ever has added to. I felt I should to. Hardcover: Pros- Looks a lot nicer on a shelf. Tend to have nicer covers. Surprises under dust jackets. First to be released. More satisfying to possess/smell/feel/read usually. The classic form of a book. Cons- Heavy Hard to… Continue reading Discussion: The Great Book Format Debate – Paperback, Hardcover or E-book?

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Discussion: Dream Author Panel(s)

This post was inspired by Eventbrite. I was emailed asking if I'd like to participate in this discussion and I loved the idea! So here we are! Eventbrite online registration page: Organize and register for conferences in your local area Note: For the sake of this dream panel / wishful thinking discussion, we are going to… Continue reading Discussion: Dream Author Panel(s)

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Discussion: What Do You Review

Some book bloggers strictly review novels. Some review mangas, comics, short stories etc. Some incorporate tv shows, movies, animes etc. This all depends on the blog, and the bloggers focus. I review mostly books and a bit of everything else every once in a while. I think people should just review anything they want, even… Continue reading Discussion: What Do You Review

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Discussion: Why I Still Love Twilight

Intro: Hating on Twilight is pretty popular - more popular these days than liking it. A lot of book bloggers have written about how they used to love Twilight but have since learned better or grown out of it. And that's fine - your tastes change throughout your life. But while I may not be… Continue reading Discussion: Why I Still Love Twilight

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Discussion: When Do You Post Reviews

Book reviews are the main feature of most book blogs. Book reviews can make or break a book. And everyone has a different system for reviews and ratings. The discussion today isn't on what you review or how you review, but when.   By this I mean, do you review books as soon as you… Continue reading Discussion: When Do You Post Reviews

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Easter Book Tag

This tag was created by Rosie The Reader on Booktube. I wasn't tagged, but...well, today is Easter. It seemed fitting. (Ignore the backlog of tags I haven't done - which is what I'm doing). I've gotten so little of my spring break reading done... But I went to the Panic! At the Disco concert last night and… Continue reading Easter Book Tag

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Spring Break Reading Plans

First: It is finally spring break! (At least in Miami-Dade). Which means I should be able to catch up a bit on reading/blogging/studying as I won't be in school this week (except yesterday morning, because I took the ACT...) Second: This is not a TBR. Every time I make a TBR it fails, so this is… Continue reading Spring Break Reading Plans