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Black Friday and Christmas Haul

Its been FOREVER since I've done a book haul. I did a mini-birthday one when I got Hammer of Thor, Gemina, and The Illustrated Philosopher's Stone...then a Miami Book Fair Book Haul...and haven't done one since. I don't buy books often, basically when I have gift-cards or am taken somewhere like an event. But, holidays… Continue reading Black Friday and Christmas Haul

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A (Long Overdue) Book Haul!!

Okay, so this is... Long over due. But, I'm bad at staying on top of things! I am really excited to show you guys this though! Over the summer, I bought (pre-ordered) Cursed Child, as many a Potter-fan did. I still have not gotten around to it, a combination of summer homework, school starting, and… Continue reading A (Long Overdue) Book Haul!!