AP Literature Reading Challenge – 2017/18 School Year


If you’ve been reading my blog for, pretty much any length of time, you’ll know at least two things:

  1. I avoid and mostly dislike classics.
  2. I am taking AP English Lit this coming school year.

What does that mean? I have to read EVERY CLASSIC EVER IF I WANT TO PASS. (Not literally, it just feels that way)

So, to make the chore of “I must read this to not fail” (which tends to suck all the fun out), I’m making a reading challenge!

From September 1st 2017 (A week after school starts)  – May 1st 2018 (A week before the AP test), the goal is to read as many classics and AP Lit recommended books as possible.

I figure lots of others are in the same boat as me, and others still want to get more classics read. Everyone is welcome to join, just comment down below telling me you’re joining me, and if you make a TBR post (to keep us updated on your progress!) link that below as well!

For Some TBR Ideas:

AP Lit Course Description – Lists Recommended Authors

Prep Scholar Book List

Every Book On The Exam Since 1971

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

My TBR: (In No Particular Order)

The Great Gatsby




-Whatever else I decide, because I’m not great at sticking to TBRs made in advance.

-The books above are the specific classics my AP Lit teacher recommended we read.


RiverMoose’s ARC TBR Takedown Read-A-Thon – Sign-Ups

Original Read-A-Thon

RiverMoose’s ARC TBR Takedown Read-A-Thon

Sign-Ups –
May 14th – end of Read-A-Thon (July 31st) 2017

June 1st – July 31st

Read as many arc/review copies off your TBR as you can.

I’m starting this Read-A-Thon because I have an avalanche of arcs to get through (I have an over requesting on Netgalley problem) and I think it’ll motivate me.

I also really love participating in Read-A-Thons, its fun to motivate each other, but most Read-A-Thons are inconveniently timed for me – so I thought by making my own, it would fit my problem and my timing. I figured i’m not the only when, so I’m making a real Read-A-Thon.

What do you think?
Please join me!

All information below!

Leave me a comment down below with a link to your blog if you want to join me!


-Each book that counts must be an arc or review copy sent to you by an author, publisher, bookstore or review site like Netgalley.

-Can be ebook or physical or audiobook.

-Any genre.

-Must be reviewed within the Read-A-Thon time frame (or, confirm review written and scheduled for release day).

-Everyone welcome to join.

-Non-review copy/arc reads will only count if you are COMPLETELY caught up on your arc/review copy TBR AND they are backlogged books (out a year +) (Also applies for those who want to participate but don’t have any ARCs).

-Leave a comment on this post to sign up – will edit with masterlist.

-NO REQUESTING NEW ARCS DURING THE READ-A-THON,  IT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE. I mean, if its one you’re dying for I guess I can’t stop you but seriously.


Bronze – Less than 10 books

Silver – 10-25 books

Gold – 25-50 books

Platinum – 50+ books


Bronze – Shoutout on my blog. 

Silver – Shoutout on my blog.

Gold – Interview post with all gold bloggers together.

Platinum – Solo interviews / blogger spotlight post.

(Don’t have money for better prizes sorry…)

(Will make participant and winner/prize badges to display on blog)



  • Take a bookstagram worthy photo with/of each completed read
  • Participate In Weekly Topics
  • Weekly wrap-ups and/or review link-ups

Blogging – Weekly Topics

(Optional little challenge – like a short running weekly meme to participate in during the Read-A-Thon)

(Dates are for WEEK OF – can be posted any time during that week for convince/differing blogging schedules sake)

Posts can be combined with weekly wrap-up if preferred.

– June 1st: What ARCs do you currently have? + Top Ten Most Anctipated To Read Arcs

-June 8th: What do you do when you have to DNF or negatively review an arc?

-June 15th : Most disappointing Denials

-June 22nd: Lets Talk Netgalley

-June 29th : When/Why Do You Request Arcs

-July 6th : Explain You Review System/ Review Policy

-July 13th : Bad Reading Habits. Overrequesting, multiple books, etc.

-July 20th : Thoughts on Blog Tours

-July 27th: Advice for newbie book bloggers

-July 31st : Wrap up! How’d you do? Masterlist of reviews done and what arcs do you have left? Should we do this again next year?


Masterlist of Participants:

Sam @ RiverMoose-Reads

Hannah @ Quadruple Booked

Book Princess Reviews

Kristi @ The Hidden Staircase

Erika @ The Book’s The Thing

Sam @samslittlecorner


Leave me a comment down below with a link to your blog if you want to join me!

If you don’t have a blog, link me your twitter or something.

NaNoWriMo 2016 – Writing + Life Updates

Its been a crazy month.

Lets just start with that: It’s been a crazy month, and we’re only a third through it.


I’m not going to talk about the election today, I want to write a detailed, rational post about everything and right now I am not equipped to do that yet. Maybe this weekend.

Instead, I’m going to talk about whats been going on in my life this month, and how NaNoWriMo is going (spoiler alert: not well).

General Life Updates:

Here are some things going on:

AP Chemistry is kicking my ass. I started off the quarter with a D, and now I’m at a 2.89 (low B), so the studying has been kicked into high gear, which means writing has been falling to the way side. As much as I love blogging, if I want to be a doctor, school has to come first.

  • I twisted my knee on Halloween, same knee as last year. Its been hurting and I’ve been wearing a brace, being unconformable makes being productive hard…
  • I managed to (somehow- by walking into a door) scrape several layers of skin off the back of my hand, which made typing hurt. Its mostly better now, so things should start betting done again (and the backlog of reviews will  be tackled!).

Some happier news:

  • I bought homecoming tickets, and a ticket to see Fantastic Beasts, so things will be good.
  • I have actually learned how to use my chromebook, which means I can now blog away from home. (More or less)
  • I got straight A’s last quarter, so my dad is no longer so on my case about grades (yet, so far, until the end of the month/he sees my Chem grade…)
  • I have actually started using Twitter!
  • I am out of my reading slump and have been reading a lot, I’m just very behind on reviews…

NaNoWriMo Updates:

  • I only have about 6000 words written so far. Like I said, typing hurts and timing is terrible.
  • But, I am still determined to catch up (I’m stubborn alright?!)
  • I am writing Legacy of Stardust this year, a book I am very excited about and have talked about before on this blog. I’ll do a whole in depth post about it if you’d like to see that!

That’s pretty much it! This was just a little update to let you guys know what I’ve been up to and haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth.

So, how’s everyone else been doing? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? What are you reading? Let me know!


Also, I’m scheduling some posts for the future, I have a backlog of tags, reviews, and discussions. Anything in particular you guys would like to see?