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CW’s DC Arrow-Verse Watching Order (Updated)

The Arrow-verse is the name for the interconnected tv shows released by The CW based on DC comics. These shows have been, collectively, on air for a decade and can be confusing to start. So here is a guide! Arrow Season One Episodes: 23Crossover Episodes: 0 Arrow Season Two Episodes: 23Crossover Episodes: 2 (backdoor pilots to The Flash) Arrow Season… Continue reading CW’s DC Arrow-Verse Watching Order (Updated)

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Songs I’m Listening To This Month #3

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16 Books For Riverdale Fans

I've been more than a little obsessed with Riverdale since the show started. Riverdale is the latest comic-based CW show - based on the Archie comics. I loved Archie as a kid, especially the "Archie's Weird Mysteries" cartoon, I must have watched the Killer Spud episode a million times. Riverdale is a darker, modern update… Continue reading 16 Books For Riverdale Fans