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The Fairytale Survey

I originally saw this here but I wasn't tagged. A fun twist on Snow White PART 1. CLASSIC PRINCESSES. Pinocchio – The boy whose nose grows when he lies. Is there are book you lie about, because you feel ashamed for liking it? Not really.   Beauty and the beast – The girl who fell in… Continue reading The Fairytale Survey

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Poem: Running Red

To grandmother’s house she goes In the forest, not hard to find Simply follow the way the river flows But little girls should try harder to hide The wolf does stalk her in these woods The red stands out against the green Little girls should beware of red hoods For to the wolf they are… Continue reading Poem: Running Red

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Poem: The “Evil” Queen

Queens may not cackle They must be fair But they may poison apples To kill an unworthy heir Snow White falls At the hands of The Queen Yet home, Snow crawls The how, yet to be seen The winter princess with stars in her eyes Just as well has blood staining her teeth And though… Continue reading Poem: The “Evil” Queen

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Poem: Until The Clock Strikes

Mirror Mirror on the wall Is this how the mighty fall? With love a secret to be kept And for her broken heart she wept A lone glass slipper, left on the stairs And so another’s future it mares Til midnight when the clock strikes Then the dust, her future bites So the time is… Continue reading Poem: Until The Clock Strikes

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Poem: The Princess Grows Up

Once upon a time There was… No This isn’t that story   No princes No dragons No knights No crowns   Once upon a time There is a girl And she is only that   There is a girl playing in the meadow The flowers her make-believe kingdom A tangle of weeds Becomes her pseudo… Continue reading Poem: The Princess Grows Up

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Book Review: Time-Lord Fairy Tales

Original Release Date: November 17th, 2015 Date I Read The Book: July 2016 My Star Rating: 4 stars (Technically, if I average my rating for each story, its 3.6, but it feels like a 4 in total okay?) Chronology: Bind up of 15 short stories How I Own It: (Very pretty) Hardcover Official Summary: An… Continue reading Book Review: Time-Lord Fairy Tales