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Guest Post: Why Pokemon IS Doctor Who (Theory) – By: mustloveunicorns

Hello! *Piplup is my favorite! I am mustloveunicorns and I just realized something that could turn into some huge and AWESOME theory. Presenting the: Why Pokemon is Doctor Who (theory)! In this blog post, I am going to prove it and it is going to make sense; whether you think it does or doesn't. Here… Continue reading Guest Post: Why Pokemon IS Doctor Who (Theory) – By: mustloveunicorns

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The Ultimate Book Tag

Intro: I've got another tag to do! And I was tagged by a different person! See! More than one person likes me! I was tagged by the wonderful LivingInFiction. Check out her blog, she deserves it. This tag took so long because I used like 30 gifs/pictures. As always, I didn't make them. Without further ado,… Continue reading The Ultimate Book Tag

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A Book Haul!!!

Hello my sweeties! I have books to show you today! (Can you tell that I'm excited? And that I have had coffee? Because I am and I have.) Okay so Wonder was meant to be a present for ScribbleBabble but I may keep it... Its really pretty and I am terrible. Haven't decided yet. So, that's what… Continue reading A Book Haul!!!