Fandom Holidays


  • February 13th: Parks and Rec – Galentine’s Day


  • March 31st: Parks and Rec – “I didn’t know March 31st existed.”


  • April 25th: Miss Congeniality – The Perfect Date, because “it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.”


  • May 2nd: Harry Potter – Battle of Hogwarts
  • May 4th: Star Wars Day – May the 4th Be With You
  • May 5/6th: Star Wars Day – Revenge of the Fifth/Sixth
  • May 25th: Douglas Adams/Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Towel Day
  • May 25th: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Night Watch – Glorious 25th of May


  • June 5th/6th: Les Mis – Barricade Day


  • Juy 31st – Harry Potter – Harry Potter’s Birthday


  • September 1st: Harry Potter – First Day of Hogwarts


  • October 3rd: Mean Girls – “On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was”
  • October 3rd: Full Metal Alchemist – “Don’t Forget 3.OCT.11”
  • October 9th: Spongebob Squarepants – Leif Erikson Day
  • October 13th: Parks and Rec – “TREAT YO SELF”
  • October 17th: Mean Girls – “Two weeks later, we spoke again.”


  • November 1st: Nightmare Before Christmas – “There’s only 365 days left until next Halloween!” “364!”
  • November 5th: Back to the Future – “That was the day I invented time travel!”
  • November 5th – V for Vendetta – “Remember, remember, the fifth of November…”


  • December 23rd: Friends – Happy Christmas Eve Eve
  • December 23rd: Christmas Adam

Marry, Kiss, Cliff – Book Tag

I was tagged by the ever lovely and amazing Icebreaker694.

Sorry this is so late…


  • Put names of Characters (whatever gender you’re attracted to) written in pieces of separate papers in an empty jar or a pen holder.
  • Shake the jar
  • Pull out 3 pieces of paper in each round and tell us which character you would Kiss, Marry, or Cliff!

The issue here is, I only picked characters I liked (and male characters) so this is inherently going to be difficult.

Round One

Jem Carstairs (The Infernal Devices)

Zach Goode (Gallagher Girls Series)

Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Marry – Jem (how can you not?)

Kiss – Zach (how can you not?)

Cliff – Percy (sorry Percy…but it’d for the best, he’d probably survive – it’ll be a cliff on the ocean – and this way Annabeth won’t kill me)

Round Two

Noah (The Raven Cycle)

Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter)

Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices)


Marry – Will (sorry Tessa)

Kiss – Neville

Cliff – Noah (its not like it’ll hurt him.)

Round Three

Kaz (Six of Crows)

Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)

Seth Clearwater (Twilight Saga)

Marry – Seth (he was my first book crush…yes ten-year-old me liked Seth Clearwater more than either Jacob or Edward)

Kiss – Kaz (- because duh)

Cliff – Draco (sorry Draco…)

I’m too lazy to tag anyone right now.

So anyone who wants to can do this!

YA Books In A Sentence – Part 1

Harry Potter – Orphan has magic powers and an inability to go to adults with his problems.

Divergent – You can have more than one personality trait!

Gallagher Girls – Girl spies have boy problems, and also someone may be trying to kill everyone.

The Raven Cycle – He’s going to die. No really, he is.

Shadowhunter Chronicles – Literally no one will ever get their lives together, so they’ll stab demons instead.

Illuminae – You love the evil AI, own it.

Because You’ll Never Met Me – Like the X-men but sadder told in letters.

The Selection – Like The Bachelor: Royal Edition except you’ll want everyone to die in a fire.


Your Bookish Identity Tag

I saw this tag over at Dreamland Book Blog and thought it looked like fun! Go check out her blog – its amazing!

This tag was created by Little Book OwlKatytastic and Benjaminoftomes of booktube fame!


  • What dystopian/fantastical world would you live in?
  • Who would your partner be?
  • Who would be your godly mother/father? [Percy Jackson]
  • Would you be a downworlder or nephilim? [Shadowhunter world]
  • Which house would you be in? [Harry Potter]
  • Which faction would you be in? [Divergent]
  • What would be your daemon [Northern Lights]

What dystopian/fantastical world would you live in?


I don’t believe in any other answer to any variation of this question.

Who would your partner be?


I had the BIGGEST crush on Seth Clearwater as a 13 year old.

Who would be your godly mother/father? [Percy Jackson]


Always Athena, and if you need proof:
Throwback Thursday: 7th Grade Greek Mythology Monologue

Would you be a downworlder or nephilim? [Shadowhunter world]

I’d die in a fight of any sort, so I probably wouldn’t be nephilim, lets be honest, no matter how cool it would be.

I’d probably be a warlock – I’m down with magic. I’d be like Catrina – using my abilities an knowledge to help people (being friends with Magnus is also an epic bonus).


Which house would you be in? [Harry Potter]


Which faction would you be in? [Divergent]


I may hate them for being the villains in the story – but that not withstanding, I’d probably be Erudite – if staying with my family were not a factor.

What would be your daemon [Northern Lights]

I’ve never read the books, and I’m not 100% sure what a Daemon is (I vaguely know, but not totally). I did take a quiz though and it said:

What Would Your Dæmon Be?

You got: Osprey


You’re not afraid to say what you mean, or speak up when you see injustice. You have a healthy distaste for authority and you’re committed to doing what’s right even if it’s not in your best interests.

I Tag:

Roses Book Nook

B @ Icebreaker694

Calliope The Book Goddess

Shealea @ That Bookshelf Bitch

Raquel @ Rakiodd Books

The Orangutan Librarian

Kayla @ KDrew The Bookworm

Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek

Sophie @ Blame it on Chocolate

Alex @ Lord of the Trekkies

Melting Pots and Other Calamities

Guest Post: Why Umbridge is Part of Skynet – By: mustloveunicorns

Hello, person at the device!

I am mustloveunicorns and this is the:

Why Umbridge is Part of Skynet Theory.


OK we can….COMMENCE!

Reason 1.)
Pink is a Sign of Compassion and they Want you to Believe EVERYTHING is OK.

Literally they want you to know (THINK) everything is ok. EVERYTHING IS NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason 2.)
Welcoming Speeches Are NOT ALWAYS Welcome.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, in the great hall Umbridge gives a speech. In the speech she says “We are going to be best friends.” Yeah, so I can get all of your information. Have you ever heard “Trust me she said, it will be fine she said.”


Reason 3.)
You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too.

In Harry Potter the Ministry of Magic gives Umbridge a privilege to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts without doing it. In the book and movie, they don’t believe that Voldemort (Yup, I said it too, while typing) is alive.

The real reason is that they don’t want them to defend themselves against Voldemort and  they have a deal with Voldemort that he gets 3/4 of the people and SkyNet gets 1/4. (Umbridge is a Double Agent.)

Reason 4.)
John Conor and Harry Potter.

In the Terminator there is a Resistance lead by John Conor and in Harry Potter they form Dumbledore’s army to practice Defense Against The Dark Arts so they can prepare. The real reason she doesn’t want them to continue with it because in the Forbidden Forest there is a portal to the Terminator World. They don’t want them to join each other.

Parting Words:

Well, that wraps it up!

My cousin Sam helped me out with reasons 3 and 4 for the Terminator stuff, and with adding the videos.

Hope you liked reading it!

Please leave a comment!

I want to know if you liked it. And if you agree!

Also From This Cousin Are:

Harry Potter: As Told By My 9-Year Old Cousin

Why Pokemon IS Doctor Who (Theory)

Sam here.

I helped her out some, but this theory and all the explanations are al her own. The twitter post at the top will verify that. 


Sunshine Blogger Award #3

I’ve done this award twice already (The SunShine Blogger Award and Sunshine Blogger Award#2) but it changes each time due to its nature, so here it is again.

Sorry this took me so long to get to…

I was nominated by two lovely humans this time Alex @ Lord of the Trekkies and Raquel @ Rakiodd Books. Go check out their blogs! And thank you both so much!

The Rules

  1. Thank the person/persons that nominated you and link back to their blog.

  2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you.
  3. Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  4. List the rules and display the award

Questions From
Alex @ Lord of the Trekkies

What is your favorite part of blogging?

I’m not sure. I like connecting with people. I like talking about books. I like having a hobby. I’m not sure I have a favorite part.

Do you like to read? Why?

Yes I like to read.

I have a book blog…It’d be weird if I didn’t.

And I just do.

What is your favorite song?

I can’t pick favorites of ANYTHING. I have lists of favorites – not all times.

I’m currently listening to:

What is your OTP?

Again – I CAN”T pick favorites.

I have an OTP per book/fandom, not in general.

What is your NOTP?

Ditto above.

Though the Harry/Hermoine pairing particularly annoys me.

What/Who is your spirit animal?

Well, my patronus is a dolphin.


And I’m a Moose.

Take that as you will.

If you could have one famous author (living or other-wise) to write your biography, who would you choose and why?

*Paniked screaming because I can’t make decisions*

JK Rowling – just so my name would always be used in conjunction with Harry Potter.

Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?

Jeopardy! I love that show!

And I’ve never seen Wheel of Fortune…

Who is your favorite villain of all time?

Again. Not great with favorites. You need to give me a context. In superhero films? In books? What?

BBC Moriarty is great though.

And Crowley.




Do you like Disney?

Who doesn’t?

What is your opinion on Loki? (From The Avengers, Thor, etc.)


Seriously though, his comic redemption arc in Young Avengers/Agent of Asgard is one of my favorites!


Questions From
Raquel @ Rakiodd Books

Which do you spend more time watching, TV or YouTube videos?

TV probably. But I do watch a lot of Youtube…

What’s something your parents lied to you about when you were a child?


Though the best all came from my dad. He told me things like “You’re mother is your stepmother” – I think because Cinderella made me cry. He also told me I was adopted from an alien family (and that I was found in a trash can).

If you could be in any band, what band would it be and what  instrument would you play?

Listen. I have absolutely no sense of rhythm/music. And lack the ability to read sheet music on a fundamental level.

I took Guitar as my elective in Sixth grade and it was the worst thing ever. Mind you, being left handed and forced to learn right handed as the school had no left handed guitars probably contributed to that, but still.

I have always wanted to learn the drums though. Though I wouldn’t want to join any of my favorite bands because I’d just mess them up (but can I still meet Brenden Urie?).

What mythical creature would you want as a pet?

A hippogriff. Or alicorn because my sister and little cousin would die.

I’d say a dragon – but it’d probably eat me…

Do you have any weird body skills, what are they?

Okay, get ready.

*Stretches and cracks knuckles*

I am double-jointed, which means I’m the Queen of weird body skills.


I can shift my knee-cap out of place, and bow my leg in the opposite direction than its meant to go, and manually move my kneecap. More so in my left leg, since thats the knee I sprained, popped out of place, popped back in myself, and walked on for a week before going to the doctor about two years ago. If freaks people out.

My shoulder is also weird. I can twist my arm so my elbow is in the front – my dad says it makes my arm look like a chicken wing, and my shoulder is visibly out of the socket (at least partially). I once fell off a stool in class, and my (Biomedical/Anatomy) teacher thought I broke my arm because it was twisted all the way around from how I fell. I stood up, twisted my arm back, and kept doing my work and I think I scared her.

What’s your favorite 90s song? Or early 2000s if you’re too young.

I’m probably technically too young – I was born late 1999, and have a soft spot for more early 2000’s than 90’s music.

But reading this question, a song popped into my head. Not my favorite if I think bout it, but the one that popped into my head:

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

I can’t think of one of the top of my head. Though, I find really terrible movies hilarious.

I will say I hated Plague Town – one of the few movies to ever give me nightmares, and it was terrible. Every character was stupid beyond even horror movie standards and it wasn’t even a good horror movie. Not sure why it freaked me out so much.

Do you have a giggle trigger? Something that always makes you giggle or laugh, a certain word, joke, funny face, etc.

I mean, a lot of things make me laugh. But I’m not aware of a specific “giggle trigger”.

If you ruled a country, what would your country be known for?

100% literacy, great Special Eduction programs, and a functional Healthcare system.

I can dream right?

If you had a time machine, but it could only go from the past and back OR to the future and back to the present, which would you prefer?

Future – it would be cool to see things! But like, REALLY FAR into the future.

Which are you less likely to “survive”, no coffee or no internet?

I have to say no internet, because my GPA would no survive sans google.

Though seriously, I’m non-functional if you try and talk to me without caffeine.


Questions For My Nominees:

  1. What’s a series with a cover change you love? A series with a cover change you despise?
  2. Most currently anticipated book?
  3. What book on your physical TBR causes you the most shame?
  4. Give TV recommendations based on 5 of your favorite books!
  5. How do you take your coffee/tea?
  6. What were your favorite books and TV shows as a child?
  7. Show us a picture of your bookshelf!
  8. Favorite video game/visual novel?
  9. What have you learned from book blogging? What advice would you give new book bloggers?
  10. Favorite and most hated YA book tropes?
  11. What do you think are your best blog posts? Link so we can check them out!

I Nominate:

Louise @ Genie Reads

Casey @ Adopt-a-Book-AUS

B @ Icebreaker694

The Orangutan Librarian

Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek

Sophie @ Blame it on Chocolate

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Megan @ Bookslayer Reads

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Ryann The Reader


This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours Tag

I was tagged by two very lovely bloggers: The Orangutan Librarian and Icebreaker694

Go check out their amazing blogs!


  • Credit my bad bad self Drew @ TheTattooedBookGeek as the creator of the tag, use the created tag name graphic and link back to my blog.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Tag as many people as you want.


I read a lot of different genres, mostly across YA (WHICH IS NOT A GENRE IN AND OF ITS SELF ITS AN AGE CATEGORY).

But I’d have to say Science Fiction / Fantasy (SFF) is my favorite genre.


And more – but these are the first that come to mind!




636060450309743369870701672_harry-potter-books-LARGEAnd the award for most basic answer ever goes to….


See the above authors.

See their books.

All of those.



Review: Because You’ll Never Meet Me

Arc Review: Nowhere Near You

Book Review: How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe

Book Review: Redshirts




(I’m bad at answering these sorts of questions….Can you tell?)

I Tag:

Raquel @ Rakiodd Books

Kayla @ KDrew The Bookworm

Sophie @ Blame it on Chocolate

Alex @ Lord of the Trekkies

Adri @ Little Fox & Reads

Teacher of YA

Melting Pots and Other Calamities

Some Fan-Fic Recommendations – Star Trek / Avengers / Harry Potter / Supernatural

Star Trek:

Illogical verse

strive seek find yield


Graduate Vulcan for Fun and for Profit

More Time (Crossover w/ Wonder Woman)

The 80/20 Theory As Applied to Cats on the Bed

Cpt C. Pike and C/ J.T. Kirk’s guide to unexpected Co-Habitation

Objective Data


Apropos of Nothing


In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury)

Phil Coulson Knows Tony Stark’s Super Villain Name

The Twice Told Tale

Its All In The Mind

Saving the World (Is Totally a Date)

How To Excel At Supervillainy (and lose your heart to America)

and the tigers come at night.

Haaave You Met Steve? (How I Met Your Mother AU)

So No One Told You (Friends AU)

I (created from fantasies) exist solely for you

Harry Potter:

EarthBound Spook

No Place Like Home



If Sieve

boy with a scar (series of standalone AUs)


Learning Curve

When Charlie Met Cas

Lost In Time

Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After

Start Quoting Shakespeare and We’re Done

19 Years Later – My Harry Potter Story

Today is the day of the Harry Potter epilogue.

Yes, I informed every person I came across at school.

No, I did’t do any fun Potter related things – because again, I had to go to school.

I thought, though, that in celebration, it would be a good day to write about the impact Harry potter had on my life.


My Harry Potter Story

When I was in second grade, I was in the inclusion class at school – which essentially meant I was bored perpetually, because I finished my work ages before anyone else.

My teacher had me read during this time, partly to keep me occupied so I couldn’t distract others, partially, because I was reading at about a kindergarten/first grade level.

And I hated it. Reading was boring. The books they gave me were boring. I did find some I liked, Scary Stories to tell in the dark, Magic treehouse etc. But I could only read so much of it. I would read it, and like it, but never felt the need to keep reading, or read more.

This changed when my parents showed me the Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire movie.  I hated seen the other movies. I had never heard of the books. I didn’t want to watch the movie – because “ew my parents like it” and I was 7/8.

We watched the movie. I was confused the entire time and persisted in asking questions about everything the entire time through. I thought Hermoine and Harry were dating. My mother corrected me. My mom didn’t feel like explaining three movies to me, so they rented all four so I could watch them through. I loved them. I wanted more. But the fifth movie wouldn’t come out for about a year at that point. My mom told me the books were finished (the seventh book had come out fight about this time).

I tried to check the first book out from the library. Its a sixth grade reading level, which I had decidedly not reached. They wouldn’t let me check out the book.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 2.40.51 PM

That Christmas, my grandmother bought me the box set of the books. It was decadent too hard for me to read. I stubborned through it on the principle that I wanted to prove people wrong – and that I did in fact like it. I didn’t stop reading until I finished the series. It took me about a year to finish the seven books.

Third grade – I finished the books. I was a seventh grade reading level. Every quarter I was the top reader of the school – not just the grade level – from the rest of my time in Elementary school – I won us ice cream parties.

Thus began my love of reading. And my obsession with Harry Potter.

When I was in fifth grade. My grandmother took me to New York and we went to the Harry Potter exhibition at my insistence. I own a time turner necklace and Ravenclaw robes from Harry Potter world at Universal. In seventh grade, a friend and I started a Harry Potter club at school – our sponsor was named Ms. Luna and I consistently called her Ms. Lovegood though not entirely on purpose.

I’m currently making my ten year old cousin (the cousin from Harry Potter: As Told By My 9-Year Old Cousin) read the books and she is on book six now.

Me and my friends are planning a Harry Potter movie marathon for an end of Senior Year celebration, all 20+ hours straight before we graduate.

Harry Potter has such a big role in my life, and today seemed like the day to share it.