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Discussion: On Un-Hauling Books & How

Books - Every book blogger faces the problem, one day or another, of having too many. For example, my room is basically: Which is: Honestly probably some sort of health hazard (my shelf did once collapse and almost kill me once) Not so easy to deal with when I go to college next Fall. My… Continue reading Discussion: On Un-Hauling Books & How

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Supercon 2017 Book Haul

So, Supercon happened back in July. And I meant to make a post ALL ABOUT IT. But then life happened. So, I'm not going to do a day-by-day of Supercon 2017. But I will show you my haul. Because I can find and buy books ANYWHERE I GO. Its like a superpower. First up in… Continue reading Supercon 2017 Book Haul

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Black Friday and Christmas Haul

Its been FOREVER since I've done a book haul. I did a mini-birthday one when I got Hammer of Thor, Gemina, and The Illustrated Philosopher's Stone...then a Miami Book Fair Book Haul...and haven't done one since. I don't buy books often, basically when I have gift-cards or am taken somewhere like an event. But, holidays… Continue reading Black Friday and Christmas Haul


I Won A Giveaway: An Awesome Haul

To celebrate her 900 followers milestone, Sammie @ Bookshelves&Biros hosted a giveaway (and really, truly, go check out her blog, because she is amazing and wonderful and deserves those 900 followers and many, many, more!). I won said giveaway, which was very exciting! Friday, the package came in the mail and I wanted to share this as… Continue reading I Won A Giveaway: An Awesome Haul

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An Academic Book Haul + Camp Merch

As you all know, I got back from camp last Friday, this is very late because I have been busy (seeing family, cleaning, wisdom teeth...) and the full account of my time away will be later still, but until then, I wanted to show off my souvenirs, most notably my books, this is a book… Continue reading An Academic Book Haul + Camp Merch

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Free Comic Book Day Mini-Haul

So, some people may know that the first saturday of May is free comic book day, where comic shops have a select few issues they give away to anyone who comes into the store, and they have really awesome sales. (And yes, I know this is late as hell but we have well established that… Continue reading Free Comic Book Day Mini-Haul