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Blog Tour: The Boyfriend Bracket

The Boyfriend Bracket Kate Evangelista Published by: Swoon Reads Publication date: June 19th 2018 Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult The only way to get over a hopeless crush is to find someone new…Enter: The Boyfriend Bracket! Putting a new spin on a classic trope, Kate Evangelista explores family bonds, changing relationships, and senior year as… Continue reading Blog Tour: The Boyfriend Bracket

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A Prom to Remember Blog Tour – Interview with Sandy Hall

A Prom to Remember Sandy Hall Published by: Swoon Reads Publication date: April 24th 2018 Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult Love it or hate it, you’ll never forget it. In this heart-warming novel, Swoon Reads star, Sandy Hall, explores a classic high school celebration, capturing every relatable and hilarious teen milestone along the way. Cora: Dating… Continue reading A Prom to Remember Blog Tour – Interview with Sandy Hall

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Author Interview: Jus Accardo

Jus Accardo's most recent book, Omega, came out today! The Infinity Division is a wonderful series, you should all check it out! I was lucky enough that she agreed to an interview, keep reading to see her answers! The second book in the Infinity time travel series is full of action, romance, and an intricately… Continue reading Author Interview: Jus Accardo

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Q & A From Icebreaker694

I asked around for guest posts in February, and one idea I got from lovely blogger Icebreaker694 was to interview each other. We asked each other 11 questions are are answering them Q&A style. Here are the 11 she asked me with my answers, and you can check out her's over at her blog! What… Continue reading Q & A From Icebreaker694