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April 2017 Wrap-up

Look, I'm actually doing wrap-ups like I said I would! Its a bit late but...I'm trying. Books I Read - I...didn't read much this month. I've been in a reading slump this whole year it seems, exacerbated by school and testing season. UGGHHH. Summer will be the time of arc/tbr catch up... The Love Interest by Cale… Continue reading April 2017 Wrap-up

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March 2017 Wrap Up

  Finished Books: One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus - 5 Stars New Americans by Geoffrey C. Scott Harrison - 4 Stars Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...But You Could Have Done It Better - 3 Stars I didn't finish many books this month, life has been hectic. School and everything is hard… Continue reading March 2017 Wrap Up


Trying To Be Better…

You all know how I'm prone to accidentally taking month long hiatuses? Well...I did it again. I'm working on, well, not doing it, but... In my defense I was: a) Out of the country with no internet until the ninth b) Had a Chemistry unit exam, an APUSH unit exam, and an AP CALCULUS CUMULATIVE… Continue reading Trying To Be Better…

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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Writing + Life Updates

Its been a crazy month. Lets just start with that: It's been a crazy month, and we're only a third through it. Ugh. I'm not going to talk about the election today, I want to write a detailed, rational post about everything and right now I am not equipped to do that yet. Maybe this… Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2016 – Writing + Life Updates

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Today I Needed To Rant – Some Updates And Arcs

Today I am having a little birthday party - friends are coming over to watch movies and eat food. So I'm quite excited and feeling justified in procrastinating homework. I just wanted to give a sort of general little life update. And blog update. Life wise, school is killing me (16 grade spanish project with… Continue reading Today I Needed To Rant – Some Updates And Arcs

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Scars And Stories: Hurricanes

With Hurricane Mathew being the first hurricane to hit South Florida in ELEVEN YEARS, and giving me the next two days off school, it seemed a good time to write another "Scars and Stories" post - a series where I talk about my life, my past, and notably, the ridiculous ways I manage to injure… Continue reading Scars And Stories: Hurricanes


My Excuse This Time…

If you've been following this blog long enough, than you know well enough that I often get distracted and forget that this blog exists, or more accurately, I don't write any posts because I get too lazy. As usual, my excuse for this is: school fries my brain. I know, I'm terrible at life, and… Continue reading My Excuse This Time…

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Hell Yes!!! (AP Scores Are Here!)

As you all may know, back in May I took two AP tests (AP Psychology and AP Biology) and an SAT II Subject Test (Biology E(cology) ). Well, in my haze from getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday, I COMPLETELY forgot that scores were being released. So I checked.   Hell Yes!!! I am… Continue reading Hell Yes!!! (AP Scores Are Here!)