Review: The Last Five Years


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In New York, a struggling actress (Anna Kendrick) and a successful writer (Jeremy Jordan) sing about their failed marriage from two perspectives.

The film’s song numbers follows the musical’s, alternating between Cathy and Jamie with a song or two sung by both.

“Still Hurting” – Cathy

Depressing but one of the best break-up/grief songs I’ve heard.


“Shiksa Goddess” – Jamie

I love this song, its catchy and the foreshadowing is so good.


“See I’m Smiling” – Cathy

Cathy going OFF is one of the best parts of the musical.


“Moving Too Fast” – Jamie

My favorite song of the musical.

Also the last few lines is basically what every college student feels always:

“I’m feeling panicked and rushed and hurried
I’m feeling outmaneuvered and outclassed
But I’m so happy I can’t get worried
About this singular impression
I’ve got a singular impression things are moving too fast.”


“A Part of That” – Cathy

You can almost start to forgot that things are gonna end poorly, and then you get to this song. This song makes me hurt for Cathy more than Still Hurting does.


“The Schmuel Song” – Jamie

This song is really cute. And such a lie.


“A Summer in Ohio” – Cathy

This one is really funny.


“The Next Ten Minutes” – Jamie and Cathy

The one time their timelines cross each other. Really sweet.


“A Miracle Would Happen/When You Come Home to Me” – Jamie and Cathy

Just after the wedding for him, and just before the wedding for her. The contrast hurts but “A miracle would happen” is one of my favorite refrains in the musical.


“Climbing Uphill” – Cathy

This song stresses me out, and shows the first fractures in their relationship.


“If I Didn’t Believe in You” – Jamie

Depressing as all hell, but god do you feel like Jamie has a point for just this one song. He screws it up of course, but you feel for him here.


“I Can Do Better Than That” – Cathy

A GREAT song and its on my motivational study playlist.


“Nobody Needs to Know” – Jamie

One of the best cheating songs from musicals.


“Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You” – Cathy and Jamie

Poor Cathy is so happy and Jamie is such a dick, especially knowing what you know from “I Can Do Better Than That”.

My Top 5 Musical Episodes

I LOVE musical episodes in TV shows. LOVE them.

There are a ton of great ones, but I want to talk about some of my favorites.

Let me know if you agree with me, or if they are any really great musical episodes I missed!

5 – How I Met Your Mother // “Girls vs. Suits”

Best Song – Girls vs. Suits

I LOVE How I Met Your Mother (save for the finale, which was pretty awful). One of the best episodes is “Girls vs. Suits”. HIMYM has a few episodes with songs (Such as, Marshall vs the machine etc.), but this is the most iconic. Its the lowest on this list, because its not a full musical episode. But boy, is it a great episode with a hilarious musical number.

4 – Once Upon A Time // “The Song in your Heart”

Best Song – Revenge is Gonna Be Mine
(Though Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance is a very close second)

Again, Once Upon A Time is a GREAT show, and this is one of the most well done musical episodes, with some really great songs. Also, PERFECT explanation as for WHY its a musical. Only reason its not higher is that its hard to enjoy separate from the rest of a not-stellar season, and its a little cringe-y in some non-musical parts.

3 – The Flash (Crossover w/ Supergirl) // “Duet”

Best Song – Running Home to You

This episode is SUPER fun. It really shows Kara and Barry’s friendship, its super funny (I love alternate universes and things), the singing actually makes sense, and both our leads can sing (they both appeared in Glee).

2 – Supernatural // “Fan Fiction”

Best Song – The Road So Far

This Supernatural episode is a perfect example of how Supernatural makes fun of its self, and breaks the fourth wall all the time. For such a heavy show, their lighter moments really shine, and this is one of them. (Also, Chuck is God!). Its a good recap of the show, reminding us of why we love it in a slower beginning to a season. The songs are hilarious. This episode is fan service at the finest.

1 – Buffy The Vampire Slayer // “Once More With Feeling”

Best Song – I’ll Never Tell
(Though Rest in Peace is an extremely lose second)

Once More With Feeling basically created the musical episode, its practically the standard others hold themselves too. How can it not be first on this list? Say what you will about Joss Whedon or Buffy, but this is an A+ episode. Funny, with a great plot both as an episode and in the season. I really wanted to but Spike’s angst-fest love confession to Buffy (AKA Rest in Peace) as my favorite song, because Spike is my favorite character (sorry Angel), but I’ll Never Tell is one of the funniest moments in all seven seasons of Buffy.

Do you agree with me?

Are there any great musical episodes I missed?

Do you have other favorite songs from these episodes?

Let me know! Talk to me!