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Scars & Stories: Asexuality

I haven't done a scars and stories post in a long time, not since (and I just checked this) October of 2016. I've only done about 5 total in the over-a-year since I've started blogging goal, actually WRITE MY OWN FEATURES. I'm getting off track. So, I've mentioned that I identify as asexual (ace)… Continue reading Scars & Stories: Asexuality

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Throwback Thursday: Much Ado About Nothing Act 3 Scene 4 – 2014 – Valley Girl Rewrite

Throwback Thursday, where, essentially I post old writing samples, essays and short stories that I dig up from my pile of hoarded papers and school assignments or from the depths of my computer. So everyone can see how my writing has changed/improved over the years. (Enter Hero, Margaret, and Ursula) Hero:  Ursula, could you, like,… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Much Ado About Nothing Act 3 Scene 4 – 2014 – Valley Girl Rewrite

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Scars And Stories: Hurricanes

With Hurricane Mathew being the first hurricane to hit South Florida in ELEVEN YEARS, and giving me the next two days off school, it seemed a good time to write another "Scars and Stories" post - a series where I talk about my life, my past, and notably, the ridiculous ways I manage to injure… Continue reading Scars And Stories: Hurricanes

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Scars and Stories: Firework Burns

In honor of it being the fourth of July, and since it is monday and thus a personal story day, I decided I'd tell you the story of how I got a scar on the bottom of my foot by being burnt by a firework. Let me set the scene. This was ten or eleven… Continue reading Scars and Stories: Firework Burns