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Netgalley Review: Uh-Oh Plato!

Uh-Oh Plato! A Philosopher's Guide to Surviving in the Workplace by Script by Charles Pépin / Art by Jul Europe Comics Comics & Graphic Novels , General Fiction (Adult) France—the early 21st century. A young student must complete a corporate job shadowing internship. Thanks to a cousin on his father's side, also of Greek descent,… Continue reading Netgalley Review: Uh-Oh Plato!

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Poem: Sagan’s Apple Pie

Make something from scratch Make it with your hands Well First you've got to have hands don't you First We must invent the universe The earth The sky The air The space in-between the stars Apples, pomegranates, Forbidden fruits Humans make what they will of Themselves and their sins Name it and it shall be… Continue reading Poem: Sagan’s Apple Pie