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Poem: A Big Bang Theory

Imagine - Being the one to say: Creation begins with destruction There is nothing - - Nothing explodes And The universe is born Baser instincts Call for fire Destruction An urge to erupt Down in the earth's core itself More than human nature Nature itself Born and breed in destruction (So how could we ever be… Continue reading Poem: A Big Bang Theory

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Poem: My Daughter the YA Heroine

I was looking through old emails for a poem I wrote in the tenth grade to use for a writing project, and I found this. Its pretty terrible, but kind of funny. So I'll post this here. My Daughter the YA Heroine My girl she's special Not like the other girls She's pretty But she… Continue reading Poem: My Daughter the YA Heroine


Poem: Forever Is Too Long

Oh we built this city on The ruins of an old one On the bones of those before On the ashes of the ones Who couldn’t escape the fire And here we are Human nature We survive despite the odds We always survive But not always with souls intact So tell me a story Tell… Continue reading Poem: Forever Is Too Long

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Poem: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

Careful what you wish for It might just come true A house A home A heart Difference in the details Brings a soul to life (Now I'm free, Got no string on me) How do you make a soul? How do you break a heart? Little wooden boy, I can see your beating-bleeding-heart (And its… Continue reading Poem: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

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Poem: Backs To The Wall

We are not stabbing anyone Not tonight Tonight we keep our daggers In our pockets And we keep our backs against the wall We are not stabbing anyone tonight We are not stabbing anyone tonight Not friends, lovers, or enemies Current or exes or otherwise Tonight we pretend to Be strangers Or barring that We… Continue reading Poem: Backs To The Wall

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Poem: Bang The Doldrums (A Fine Line Between Love and Hate)

Wouldn't it be funny An angel falls from grace An angel can do wrong And A demon saves the world (If just to be the one to end it all) We both lie through our teeth We both live to fight another day We'll believe every word we say (I'm no good for you With… Continue reading Poem: Bang The Doldrums (A Fine Line Between Love and Hate)

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Poem: Draw The Line

Tell me which you’d rather be A good man Or A great one This defines you Tell me whether you rather Do good Or Do well This defines you too As the nuances of life often do Tell me where we draw the line Between hero and villain The hero doesn’t believe he his one… Continue reading Poem: Draw The Line

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Poem: Sagan’s Apple Pie

Make something from scratch Make it with your hands Well First you've got to have hands don't you First We must invent the universe The earth The sky The air The space in-between the stars Apples, pomegranates, Forbidden fruits Humans make what they will of Themselves and their sins Name it and it shall be… Continue reading Poem: Sagan’s Apple Pie

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week: #5

“Personally, I’m a mess of conflicting impulses—I’m independent and greedy and I also want to belong and share and be a part of the whole. I doubt that I’m the only one who feels this way. It’s the core of monster making, actually. Wanna make a monster? Take the parts of yourself that make you… Continue reading Quote of the Week: #5