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Pokemon Episodes: Team Rocket Centric

Episodes about the TRio (IL episode 15) Battle aboard  the St Annes (IL episode 16) Pokémon Shipwreck (IL episode 17) The island of giants pokemon (IL episode 50) Who Gets to Keep Togepi? (IL episode 56) The ultimate test (IL episode 57) The breeding center secret (IL episode 63) The battle of the badge (IL… Continue reading Pokemon Episodes: Team Rocket Centric

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Pokemon Anime: Essential Watch List

I've been watching the Pokemon anime series lately, something I haven't done since I was roughly 10 years old, and was thinking about how there is nearing 1000 episodes of Pokemon (okay, like 700, but still), and how a lot of those episodes are filler. I have the advantage of having watching everything through the… Continue reading Pokemon Anime: Essential Watch List

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Top Ten Favorite Pokemon Theme Songs

I've been playing Pokemon recently. And I watched the newest movie. Pokemon was rebooted and now I feel old. So, I'm ranking my top ten Pokemon theme songs. Yes, this is very influenced by nostalgia. Don't expect anything from Unova onwards, because I didn't watch those seasons. I kind of want to now though... I… Continue reading Top Ten Favorite Pokemon Theme Songs

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Guest Post: Why Pokemon IS Doctor Who (Theory) – By: mustloveunicorns

Hello! *Piplup is my favorite! I am mustloveunicorns and I just realized something that could turn into some huge and AWESOME theory. Presenting the: Why Pokemon is Doctor Who (theory)! In this blog post, I am going to prove it and it is going to make sense; whether you think it does or doesn't. Here… Continue reading Guest Post: Why Pokemon IS Doctor Who (Theory) – By: mustloveunicorns