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Books for Fans of Big Time Rush

The 2010 Nickelodeon fan favorite show Big Time Rush was added to Netflix recently, and I've been having so much fun re-watching it! So I've decided to make a list of books to read if you - like me - are newly obsessed. If You Love The Music In this novel about chasing big dreams,… Continue reading Books for Fans of Big Time Rush

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Book Recs: YA Urban Fantasy

I hope you guys enjoy this! Let me know if you've read and enjoyed (or didn't) any of these books! Netgalley Review: The Wendy Project NetGalley Review – Nemesis #1: Dreadnought Buddy Read – Book Review: The Night Circus NetGalley Review: The Edge of Everything      

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Book Recs: YA Contemporary (Non-Romance Focused)

So, this is my second post in my "Book Recs"...I guess you would call it feature? Or series? Regardless, this is the second one - the first being "Romance Focused Contemporaries". I hope you like this, and feel free to request a rec list for other genres as well, I like making these. If you… Continue reading Book Recs: YA Contemporary (Non-Romance Focused)

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Some Fan-Fic Recommendations – Star Trek / Avengers / Harry Potter / Supernatural

Star Trek: Illogical verse strive seek find yield Magpie Graduate Vulcan for Fun and for Profit More Time (Crossover w/ Wonder Woman) The 80/20 Theory As Applied to Cats on the Bed Cpt C. Pike and C/ J.T. Kirk’s guide to unexpected Co-Habitation Objective Data Avengers: Apropos of Nothing Nutcracker In Which Tony Stark Builds… Continue reading Some Fan-Fic Recommendations – Star Trek / Avengers / Harry Potter / Supernatural

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The Unique Blogger Award

I was nominated by the lovely Jade @ Drink Coffee and Read Books  who just reached 200 followers so congrats to her because she deserves it and many more! Go check out her blog! I was also nominated by Sam's Life In Books - I couldn't ask for a better blogger to share a name with! Last, I was… Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

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Books I’m Bringing On Vacation

So, today I'm leaving for a cruise and I won't be back until the 9th, so I won't be posting/commenting/etc. Just a heads up. Before I left through, I just wanted to tell you guys the books I was bringing with me! (And maybe I'll actually stick to a TBR for once...) Here they are:… Continue reading Books I’m Bringing On Vacation


What I’ve Been Watching Lately

So, I watch A LOT of TV. Its not necessarily good for either or my sleeping habits, but it is an objective truth. So, I thought I'd share with you what I've been watching recently. Its not a definitive list of shows I like/watch, but it is the list of whats had my attention the… Continue reading What I’ve Been Watching Lately