Spring Break Reading Goals


I started my spring break – which hopefully means I’ll have some time to read. These are my spring break reading plans, mostly full of books that I have to review, and some that I’ve been absolutely desperate to get to.

What do you?

Goodreads Giveaway:

DC Super Hero Girls: Date with Disaster

DC Super Hero Girls: Date with Disaster!

DC Essential Graphic Novels 2018

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Diverse Book Bridge:

Wild Beauty

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Owned on My Own:

Labyrinth Lost (ebook)

Image result for Labyrinth Lost

Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda (Hardcover)

Image result for Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda (Hardcover)

Caraval (Hardcover)

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Netgalley Books
on My Kindle:


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Netgalley Books
on Adobe Digital Editions:

Super Sons Vol. 2: Planet of the Capes (Rebirth)

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Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 2: Pilgrimage

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the witch doesn’t burn in this one

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RiverMoose’s ARC TBR Takedown Read-A-Thon – Sign-Ups

Original Read-A-Thon

RiverMoose’s ARC TBR Takedown Read-A-Thon

Sign-Ups –
May 14th – end of Read-A-Thon (July 31st) 2017

June 1st – July 31st

Read as many arc/review copies off your TBR as you can.

I’m starting this Read-A-Thon because I have an avalanche of arcs to get through (I have an over requesting on Netgalley problem) and I think it’ll motivate me.

I also really love participating in Read-A-Thons, its fun to motivate each other, but most Read-A-Thons are inconveniently timed for me – so I thought by making my own, it would fit my problem and my timing. I figured i’m not the only when, so I’m making a real Read-A-Thon.

What do you think?
Please join me!

All information below!

Leave me a comment down below with a link to your blog if you want to join me!


-Each book that counts must be an arc or review copy sent to you by an author, publisher, bookstore or review site like Netgalley.

-Can be ebook or physical or audiobook.

-Any genre.

-Must be reviewed within the Read-A-Thon time frame (or, confirm review written and scheduled for release day).

-Everyone welcome to join.

-Non-review copy/arc reads will only count if you are COMPLETELY caught up on your arc/review copy TBR AND they are backlogged books (out a year +) (Also applies for those who want to participate but don’t have any ARCs).

-Leave a comment on this post to sign up – will edit with masterlist.

-NO REQUESTING NEW ARCS DURING THE READ-A-THON,  IT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE. I mean, if its one you’re dying for I guess I can’t stop you but seriously.


Bronze – Less than 10 books

Silver – 10-25 books

Gold – 25-50 books

Platinum – 50+ books


Bronze – Shoutout on my blog. 

Silver – Shoutout on my blog.

Gold – Interview post with all gold bloggers together.

Platinum – Solo interviews / blogger spotlight post.

(Don’t have money for better prizes sorry…)

(Will make participant and winner/prize badges to display on blog)



  • Take a bookstagram worthy photo with/of each completed read
  • Participate In Weekly Topics
  • Weekly wrap-ups and/or review link-ups

Blogging – Weekly Topics

(Optional little challenge – like a short running weekly meme to participate in during the Read-A-Thon)

(Dates are for WEEK OF – can be posted any time during that week for convince/differing blogging schedules sake)

Posts can be combined with weekly wrap-up if preferred.

– June 1st: What ARCs do you currently have? + Top Ten Most Anctipated To Read Arcs

-June 8th: What do you do when you have to DNF or negatively review an arc?

-June 15th : Most disappointing Denials

-June 22nd: Lets Talk Netgalley

-June 29th : When/Why Do You Request Arcs

-July 6th : Explain You Review System/ Review Policy

-July 13th : Bad Reading Habits. Overrequesting, multiple books, etc.

-July 20th : Thoughts on Blog Tours

-July 27th: Advice for newbie book bloggers

-July 31st : Wrap up! How’d you do? Masterlist of reviews done and what arcs do you have left? Should we do this again next year?


Masterlist of Participants:

Sam @ RiverMoose-Reads

Hannah @ Quadruple Booked

Book Princess Reviews

Kristi @ The Hidden Staircase

Erika @ The Book’s The Thing

Sam @samslittlecorner


Leave me a comment down below with a link to your blog if you want to join me!

If you don’t have a blog, link me your twitter or something.

Netgalley Review: United States of Absurdity – Untold Stories From American History


I received an e-arc of this book from netgalley and this is my honest review.

Original Release Date:

May 9th 2017

Date I Read The Book:

November 2016

My Star Rating:

4 stars


Standalone book of stories

Official Summary:

Discover illustrated profiles of the weird, outrageous (and true!) tales from American history that don’t appear in school textbooks.

From the creators of the comedy/history podcast “The Dollop,” “The United States of Absurdity” presents short, informative, and hilarious stories of the most outlandish (but true) people, events, and more from United States history. Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds cover the weird stories you didn’t learn in history class, such as 10-Cent Beer Night, the Jackson Cheese, and the Kentucky Meat Shower, each accompanied by a full-page illustration that brings these historical “milestones” to life in full-color. Adding to the giftable history/comedy package, each story is accompanied by tongue-in-cheek trivia and timelines that help place the stories in context with the more well-known historical events that occurred around them.

My Review: 

I really enjoyed this book. I read it in a single sitting on my kindle when my power went out one day (yay thunderstorms…).

Essentially, this is a book of short, ridiculous, stories from America’s history. The kind that end up in newspapers rather than history books, usually used as footnotes brought back to spotlight. As a Florida resident, born and raised, I have an inordinate fondness for stories of people doing stupid s**t.

Some stories feel a bit flat with me, particularly the sports ones, as I have little interest. Some were stories I already knew, some felt too short and hastily written. But for the most part, they were enjoyable and entertaining, especially to kill time. I particularly loved the chapter of medical stories, even though I knew most if them.

In all, if you like these sorts of “look how badly we f****d up” stories, or want something to make you laugh and teach you some random facts, you’ll like this, especially if you’re a fan of the Darwin Awards.

Book Blog Tour – Book Review: Succubus by Brandon Blake Varnell


by Brandon Varnell
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Romance (16+)
Release Date: December 1st 2016

Summary from Goodreads:
Christian is the Catholic Church’s best executioner. Dedicated. Devout. Deadly. Ever since the Church saved him from the decimated ruins of his hometown, his commitment to their cause has been unshakable.

Then he’s sent to execute Lilith, who lives in Seal Beach, California. He’s baffled. Lilith is afraid of men. The Church believes she’s a succubus, but he just can’t see it. Yet the way men—both human and monster alike—act as if they’ve been possessed whenever she’s near is disturbing.

With lustful men attacking Lilith and monsters attacking him for being near Lilith, Christian must uncover what’s really going on, and soon, or innocent blood will run through the streets—as will his own.

Love. It can kill a man.

Add to Goodreads

Star Rating:

3.5 Stars

My Review:

I thought this book was really well written, and the romance was pretty cute. It was well plotted and I enjoyed reading it, but the religion aspect felt a little too “forced down your throat” for my liking, which is why it was marked down in ratings for me. It was also kind of predicitable, but if you like both action and christain fiction, you’ll probably like this book.

About the Author
Brandon Varnell is a writer… the end.
… Just kidding.
Brandon Varnell is the writer of the American Kitsune series. He has absolutely no skill at anything aside from writing and looking half-baked. He used to play guitar, but due to laziness, he never went anywhere with it. He also used to play a lot of video games, but after suffering this terrible affliction called book addiction, he only plays occasionally these days. Brandon lives mostly within his own imagination, but can occasionally be found in Phoenix, Arizona.

For several years now – at least three – Brandon has dreamed of becoming a full-time author. He would love it if the time came when he could wake up, write several thousand words, and then call it a day. To reach this goal, he tends to write. A lot. He writes fan fiction, he writes original fiction, he writes Erotic fiction… oh, wait. No, he doesn’t. He just writes stories with a lot of fan service.

Aside from being an avid writer, Brandon also likes to cosplay. You can generally find him at the local Comicon dressed as various characters from movies, video games and anime. It’s also not all that unusual to find him walking around town in a red trench coat, no shirt and carrying a large sword on his back. Kudos to those of you who get the reference. His current favorite people to cosplay are Han Solo (who doesn’t want to be a roguish smuggler?), Cloud Strife (he likes the big ass sword), Dante, and Squall Leonhart. He has also thought of trying to cosplay as Darth Vader or Zero (Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass), but has decided to stay away from all black cosplay since he lives in Arizona – it’s really hot in that state, you know.

He also loves anime, which makes a lot of sense, seeing how the entire American Kitsune series is basically just one big anime parody.

Author Links:


Blog Tour Organized by:

YA Bound Book Tours


*I received a e-book of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Current Review Copy TBR

I just wrote a discussion on how I keep track of my review copies and how to request arcs, and I thought I show you my current list.

I keep a word document on my computer with where I got it from, the format its in, and when the review is due. If I’m not given a date for the review (as is the case with netgalley) I just use the release date, or as close to the release date as I can get.

The italics signifies the review is due SOON. (I usually highlight, but I don’t know how to do that here…).

Though, I want to read, and schedule the reviews for all these books by the end of the year. That is my 2016 goal.

Color Coding:

  • Orange: Non-fiction (Any kind)
  • Red: Adult or New Adult Fiction
  • Pink: YA or MG Fiction

Blogging For Books:(1)
(Hardcover) Alexander Hamilton’s Guide To Life by Jeff Wilser  – End Of November 

NetGalley: (All e-books/e-arcs)(20)
The Nerdy And The Dirty by BT Gottfred – 15/11/16
The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles – 31/1/17
The United States of Absurdity by Dave Anthony and Garth Reynolds – 9/5/17 
There I Go Again by William Daniels – 1/3/17 
Grave Predictions by Stephen King and others – 21/9/16 
Alterations by Stephanie Scott – 6/12/16 
Miniatures by John Scalzi – 31/12/16 
The Hundred Lies Of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti – 1/3/17 
Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos by Marc Sumerak – 25/10/16 
Superman Science by Agniezka Biskup and Tammy Enz – 1/3/17 
Bring Back The King by Helen Pilcher – 10/1/17 
Doctor Who (The American Adventures) by Justin Richards – 25/10/16
Dreadnought by April Daniels – 24/1/17

Boy To The World by Eileen Walls – 26/7/16
Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter – 28/11/16
Piper Perish by Kayla Cagan – 7/3/17 

The Traveler’s Guide To Space by Neil F. Comins – 21/2/17 
Climate Change And The Health Of Nations by Anthony McMichael – 1/2/17 
Patient HM by Luke Dittrich – 9/8/16 
A Fabrication of the Truth by Katie Kaleski – 20/9/16

From Author: (1)
Unfathomable Chance by KT Munson (PDF) – End of November 

From Publisher: (1)
Bloomsbury (Paperback Arc) – Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas – 7/2/17 – Soon as I can

Other: (3)
(Blog Tour/ Email) The Untold Tale and The Forgotten Tale by JM Frey (PDFs) –On Nov. 30th
Blog Tour – Hero High: Figure In The Flames by Mina Chara (PDF) – December 16th

So, what do you think? Do you like my system? Do you have your own system? What review copies do you have? Have you read/liked/disliked/want to read any of these books? Let me know!

Also, you you want to request a review of a book, you can see my policy here: Review Policy

And contact me here:  rivermoosevlogs@gmail.com

Discussion: Review Copies/ARCs

Review copies are the holy grail of book blogging.

And while I might not be the best source of information on how to get them, as I’m rejected more often then not, I have received a fair amount of them, so I thought I’d give my two cents.

First things first: Before you go requesting books, make sure you can handle it.

Have a system in place to keep track of everything, or you are going to lose your mind.

  • My preferred way of keeping track is a word document.
  • Every book sent to be is written in, along with who sent it/where I got it from, the format, the release date, the date the review is needed by, the title and author, and any requests by the person who sent it to me for the review.
  • Then, anything due in the next month is highlighted for urgency.
  • Physical copies do not leave my desk if I’m not reading them to make sure they stay in my mind.
  • Review copies take precedence over my own books.

Its how I do things.

Find something that works for you.

Before Requesting:

Before requesting books, make sure your blog is running smoothly. You don’t blog to get free books, you get books because you blog well. Remember that.

If you barely post, no one will send you anything. If your content/reviews or terrible (I don’t mean negative, I mean terribly written), you won’t get anything.

  • Post consistently (once a day, once a week, doesn’t matter).
  • Post good content.
  • Make sure your blog is easy to navigate.
  • Have a contact page/email somewhere it can be found. If, like me, you don’t want your personal email online, make an email just for blog contacts like I did.
  • HAVE A REVIEW POLICY. You can see mine here.


Where To Get Review Copies:

There are a couple different ways to get review copies.

You can:

  • Go to book fairs and conventions.
  • Wait for a publisher/author to contact you.
  • Email a publisher with a request.
  • Join a blog tour.
  • Join an ARC site like Netgalley, Blogging for Books or Edelweiss.

Book fairs and conventions are great, but if your like me, you have no means to get to them because they are far way/expensive.

Next option: wait. I have been contacted by a few authors (generally self published) to review their books, so it does happen. This is why its important to have contact information and a review policy page. But if this is the only thing you do, your not going to get many books.

The next section is all about this.

Blog tours:
Blog tours are GREAT. You get your blog acknowledged by other bloggers, and you all get to share in the excitement over the same book. I’ve joined two blog tour sites:

I like them both, and have joined blog tours and book blitzes on both. You can always do some research to find tour sites that fit your tastes. But if you want in on the big name book tours (which I have no experience in), I’d say your going to need some groveling and patience.

ARC Sites:
I don’t know what else to call these, but you know what I’m talking about.

This is where I get most of my review copies.

My personal favorite is Netgalley.

Netgalley is a site where any book blogger can sign up. They have both READ NOW and Requestable titles, most prerelease, some old, of all genres. The better your review ratio, the more likely you are to be approved by a publisher, so you are encouraged to actually post your reviews. All books are e-books though, so you either need an Ebook reader or a computer with Adobe Digital Editions installed.

Blogging For Books is also good. This site has both print and ebooks, but you can’t request another book until the review of the last one is posted. Selection is pretty limited, but they have some good ones every once in a while.

The other one I mentioned is Edelweiss, which a lot of people like but I don’t really enjoy using. Its frustrating and not easy to navigate, but go try it out if you’d like.


Emailing Publishers:

If you have the guts, you can always email a publisher asking for an ARC. I’ve done this twice. Once, I was ignored. The second time, I got the book. Really, it depends on the publisher, the book you’re requesting, and whether you have enough followers to make it worth the money to ship you the ARC. Don’t get discouraged, your not going to get every book, but try, eventually, you’ll get one (or a lot!).

Just make sure to thank the publisher when you do get a book, post your review on time, send them links, and NEVER be rude about not getting approved. You want to build relationships, not end them.

You are never entitled to an ARC. Don’t act like it.

Here’s a sample email of what I use when emailing publishers. If it helps you., let me know!

Sample Email:

My name is Sam, I’m a book blogger and I’d like to request a review copy of:
Book Title
Expected Publication Date:

You can see my blog here: Link
My blog has X followers, and that number seems to be increasing steadily.
I get, on average, between X views a month, and an average of about X unique visitors a month.
I also share my reviews on Goodreads, Tumblr (where I have X followers), and Twitter.
(Info about me/my blog/why I blog)
I want to review BOOK TITLE because ………..
If you want to see some of my other reviews, here are some that I am quite proud of:
  • Links
I also have a review policy page: Link 
This page will give you more in depth information for what you can expect of my reviews.
I also have a directory of my reviews, if needed: Link
I understand you get many requests for Arcs, and that all cannot be answered. But, if you are interested here is my information:
Shipping Address
My email is X and if it is more convenient for you, I also accept e-arcs.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my request.
I thank you for your time and your consideration.

Other Helpful Resources:


So, thats all I have for you today.

If there’s anything I didn’t cover you’d like me to cover, let me know!

Any discussions or topics you’d like me to talk about, any questions you have, shoot them over to me, I’m happy to help/answer in any way I can!

Did this help you? Do you have any thing to add/share? Let me know!