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New Schedule? Yes, This Again.

AP testing is over! I know! Its wonderful! Which means I'm back! It probably didn't feel like I was gone, but every post from April to now was scheduled, views, a few tags, some discussions, and more than a couple of guest posts; I post more when I intentionally take a hiatus than when I'm… Continue reading New Schedule? Yes, This Again.

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Guest Posts Wanted!

Okay, so here's the deal. In May (the first two weeks) I have 4 AP tests to take, 2 subject tests to take, and arguably an SAT to REtake. So, May may kill me. The entirety of April is AP CRUNCH TIME where I will be at school from 6:30 AM till 4:30 PM nearly… Continue reading Guest Posts Wanted!

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2017 Resolutions

Well. Its February, and I am only just now writing this. Oops? I'm not so great at working with indefinite deadlines. Which is why reviews for publishers are done well in advance and Netgalley/self-published/etc. reviews are...chronically three months later than they should be. But I digress. Lets get to the point. So, resolutions. Everyone has… Continue reading 2017 Resolutions

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Maybe This Time It’ll Work: New Blogging Schedule, Memes, and Features

A little while ago I wrote: Trying To Be Better… Where I talked about finding time to blog more regularly, how I never seem to be able to stick to a schedule and how I want to start up some of my old features/the memes I was a part of again. I've had some ideas for… Continue reading Maybe This Time It’ll Work: New Blogging Schedule, Memes, and Features