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Major Works Data Sheet – The Importance of Being Earnest

Title: The Importance of Being Earnest Author: Oscar Wilde Date of Publication: 1898, First Performed 1895 Genre: Satire, Comedy of Manners Biographical information about the author (for my knowledge only, but very helpful): Author, playwright and poet Oscar Wilde was a popular literary figure in late Victorian England, known for his brilliant wit, flamboyant style… Continue reading Major Works Data Sheet – The Importance of Being Earnest

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Study Guide: AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry is the hardest class I'm taking this year, by far. So, since I'm fighting to keep my grade up by the skin of my teeth (A the past two quarters - barely,  currently at a middle B but I'm working on that), I thought sharing the how of that might benefit some others.… Continue reading Study Guide: AP Chemistry

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General Study Tips and Tools

Okay, studying is never fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Studying is particularly important for the AP test(s). I've gotten a 3 and two 5's on my past tests, and I'm taking 4 more the year; so I think my study methods can help others. I'm going to try and make specialized… Continue reading General Study Tips and Tools

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AP Crunch Time And Study Guides

Me complaining/stressing/ignoring my blog in favor of - about school is nothing new on this blog, or pretty much any other blogger who still goes to school's blog. School is hard okay! Now, when you're taking 4 APs and are a very competitive, type A, "must get top grades" sort of person, its just a… Continue reading AP Crunch Time And Study Guides