Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I Have To Read More From

Top Five Wednesday is a book meme that Lainey started, and is now hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes.
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April 26th: Authors You Want to Read More From
–Talk about some authors that you’ve only read one or a few books from, and you NEED to read more!

(In no particular order)

1 – Cassandra Clare


I LOVE Cassandra Clare’s books. I’ve read all three Infernal Devices, The Bane Chronicles, and the first 5 Mortal Instruments.

I have yet to finish City of Heavenly Fire, Tales of Shadowhunter Academy, or start Dark Artifices (despite owning two copies of Lady Midnight and preordering Lord of Shadows).

This is a problem that I need to rectify.

2 – Rick Riordan


I’ve read MOST of rick’s books, so its not “just a few”. I am however, drastically behind.

I’ve read all the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books.

I’ve read The Red Pyramid.

I haven’t finished The Kane Chronicles, The Greek Gods/Heroes books, or even started Magnus Chase OR Trials of Apollo. Despite owning the hardcovers.

I know.


3 – Sarah J Maas


I have read Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Both because my best friend thrust them at me for long car trips.

But thats it. Haven’t continued. And the only Maas book I own is A Court of Mist and Fury (signed!).

My best friend is ready to murder me.

4 – Ransom Riggs


These next two are slightly cheating.

I haven’t really read a book by Random Riggs yet. But he’s here, because I saw the Miss Peregrine’s movie and LOVED it. I also own the boxset of the trilogy and I need to, like, get to it.

5 – Leigh Bardugo


Also slightly cheating as I haven’t really read a book by Leigh Bardugo. Though I have read her short story from Summer Days and Summer Nights.

I have a signed Six of Crows sticker – which means of course I am in dire need of a copy. And her books sound right up my ally (thieves? I’m a sucker for. Epic fantasy with a villainous love interest? YES PLEASE YES!).

What do you think?

Are any of you in the same boat as me?

What authors do you need to read more of?

Are any of these your favorites?

Let me know!

Waiting on Wednesday #1 – Last Semester


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming book releases you’re dying for!



When Johanna ‘Jo’ Gold, witty college life blogger and senior at Rutan University, decides to move in with three male strangers her last semester of school, her life unexpectedly turns upside down. While dealing with her new roommates, A.J., the pompous rich kid who feels trapped in following his father’s footsteps; Rob, the prematurely engaged former womanizer who tries to force Jo out of the house at all costs; and Drew, the 21-year-old virgin genius whose encounters with women have been more than limited, Jo learns that change isn’t always easy and it’s up to her to learn how to survive the remainder of her time at Rutan the best that she can. Along with searching for her missing mother, figuring out a clever way to pay for school tuition on her own, and dealing with the childish pranks brought on by a certain roommate, Jo’s issues seem more complicated than the average 21-year-old. Can Jo endure the dramatic perils of college while planning for life after graduation?

Paperback, 360 pages
Expected publication: April 21st 2017 by Corine Mekaouche

Okay. So, generally, I am not the biggest fan of New Adult novels – I prefer sticking to YA, and generally romance NA is immediately in my “not that into it” mental list when I hear someone raving.
But I’m hosting a book blitz for this book on release day (2 days from now!) and I’m getting serious New Girl vibes – and since I love it, I kind of want to read this.
Also, as someone anxious about college, I kind of want to read more college set novels.

So what do you think?
Do you want to read this book?
Have you heard of it?
Let me know!

Spring Break Reading Plans

First: It is finally spring break! (At least in Miami-Dade).

Which means I should be able to catch up a bit on reading/blogging/studying as I won’t be in school this week (except yesterday morning, because I took the ACT…)

Second: This is not a TBR. Every time I make a TBR it fails, so this is a plan, not a TBR.

Now on to the reading plans for the week, because I’ve managed to get horrifically behind on both my review TBR and on my Goodreads challenge.

Netgalley books –
(Limited Timeframe To Read Them Because They Are On Adobe Digital Editions)


The Inexplicable Logic of My Life – 12 days left


I loved Aristotle and Dante by this same author, and I’m super excited to finish this one.

Tash Hearts Tolstoy – 53 days left


I’ve been DYING for this book. And I got approved! I think this will be the first ace protagonist I’ve read about and I’m excited for it.

The Shape of Ideas – 50 days left


I’ve been on a comics/nonfiction graphic novel kick. This is basically comprised on internet comics, and from what I’ve read so far, its pretty entertaining and quick.

Man Vs. Child – 50 days left


Another random book I requested on a whim. I am not a parent, not going to be one any time soon. I have no need to read this book. But it looked funny, and I like memoir type books. I also have an issue with over-requesting on Netgalley…

The Comic Book Story of Video Games – 54 days left


I requested this on a whim because it looked interesting. I play a lot of video games, and I’ve been on a nonfiction graphic novel/comics kick lately. So this seems good.

Netgalley Books –
(On My Kindle)


If We Were Villains


So many people have raved about this that I had to request it – and Netgalley came through! I don’t generally read adult/literary fiction or thrillers/mysteries – I don’t tend to enjoy them. But I’ve been on a villain/criminal kick (leverage, white collar etc.) and this looked too good to pass up. I’m only in the beginning but I’m enjoying it so far.

The Whole Thing Together


About halfway through this one. I like the writing so far – but I accidentally spoiled myself with it by looking at another review on Goodreads and… Well you know how it goes.

The Love Interest


I’m nearly done with this one. Literally the only reason I’m not is because at the part I’m on, things got very stressful and I couldn’t deal with it. You can’t just cover your ears for a minute in a book like you can with a movie – which means I start other books… I do really like this on through.

On The Spectrum


I started reading this the other day (you may have noticed by now, that I have an issue with reading multiple books at once – its a terrible habit). I’m about 10% through it, and I really like it. The characters are really well-developed and the story is engaging so far.

Now, is this past ambitious into insane? Well, yes, yes it is.

Is that going to to stop me? No, no it is not.

Hopefully (if I succeed at least) the reviews for books not yet out will be scheduled for their release dates, and books already released with by scheduled for once a week (I’m working on a new blogging schedule – you’ll see).

Wish me luck!

What are you reading this week?

Books I’m Bringing On Vacation


So, today I’m leaving for a cruise and I won’t be back until the 9th, so I won’t be posting/commenting/etc. Just a heads up.

Before I left through, I just wanted to tell you guys the books I was bringing with me! (And maybe I’ll actually stick to a TBR for once…)

Here they are:

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

I have been excited and anxious about this in turns, but I think I need to suck it up and get it done now. I have thus far avoided spoilers. I shouldn’t push my luck…


My best friend got this for me for Christmas this year. It a dual POV Sci-fi type story and I’m super excited!

My True Love Gave To Me:

This is a book of wintery-christmas-new-years stories, so its perfect for this time of year!

Lock & Mori:

I started this book like two months ago and was loving it, but never finished because Chemistry decided I didn’t need to do things like sleep, let alone read. The sequel just came out, so I want to finish this one.

Nowhere Near You:

I got this arc a month ago, and it is one of my most anticipated 2017 releases. But life got in the way and I haven;t read it yet. I intend to read it now.


This book is a cute little contemporary about a girl and a guy who share dreams, but when he meets her in real life, he acts like she doesn’t know her. It seems like a cute read to breeze through!


I hope you all had a great Christmas/holidays! What books are you reading?

Miami Book Fair Book Haul

Today I did something very exciting: I went to the Miami International Book Fair!

The book fair is something Miami Dade College hosts every year. For two weeks of November, several streets are blocked off and filled with booths and filled with books. Authors come to speak, books are sold cheaply (or, well, cheaper), and for a book blogger who lives too far and has no money for the greater conventions of BookCon and BEA, its GLORIOUS!

I sadly didn’t get to go to any events, but they were at inconvenient times and I can’t drive myself, my dad did, so…

But, I did get to go to the street fair today with my best friend Ana (who’s starting a book blog!!!), my cousins, my aunt and uncle, my dad, and sister.

Without further ado, I will now haul the books!

Full Price Books:

This is the very first book I bought at the fair. I bought it full priced for $19, the cool thing about the fair was they weren’t charging sales tax, so it was still cheaper than getting it elsewhere, but it was still a good chunk of money. Its worth it though, because look at that signature!


I’ve been dying to read this series for a while, so when I saw the signed book with a cute little ghost, I HAD to get it. I plan on buying the first two with my birthday giftcards. I paid $19 for this one as well, but you know, SIGNED HARDCOVER.



Cheap Books:


I like Grace’s Youtube channel, and this was only a $1, so I figured why not?



I own hardcovers of the first two books of the series, so I figured why not complete it, it was only a dollar.



This one was $3, and I’ve heard good things about it, so when I saw it I grabbed it. I have very little self control at these sorts of things as you can see…



I like medical nonfiction, I like certain types of memoirs. This was $1. I had to get it okay?



I…really have nothing to say to this. I just wanted a nice humor book to distract me from life and it was a $1.



Another $1 book, there was a whole booth. I also bought a $1 book for my friend (not pictured) so I could get a free tote for buying 5 books. This one is more science/medicine nonfiction, it entertains me.


Free Books:


There were three authors signing free books, this was one of them. I’m not even sure about this one, I just know its nonfiction and basically, after getting the other two, I felt too awkward to say no. I’ll still read it though.

This one is adult fiction. Not quite sure about it, but it was free and I got it signed so…it’ll get read at some point.

This was the first free book I got. The author was signing and giving away copies and it looked pretty interesting, so I’m excited for this one!



In the children’s alley of the book fair, they had this thing were if you visit and get a sticker from each booth, you get a free book, and I got a hardcover copy of the Maze Runner. I’ve never read it, so now I think is a good time.






The Dragon and Knight book was the free Children’s alley book my sister got.

True Meaning of Smekday is a book I bought for her since she loves the movie Home so much.


This is a free tote I got for buying 5 $1 books.


A collection of bookmarks I amassed from various booths.


I won this from one of those spin the wheel things at the MyBookBox booth. The necklace matches my Moose branding, which is pretty cool!


And these were some chapter samplers I got.


In all, I spent about $50 and got 14 books (12 for me, 2 for my sister), which is pretty good! You’d get maybe three books for that much at any bookstore.

Honestly, I love the Miami book fair, and if your every in town while its happening, you should go!

I hope you liked this haul!

So tell me, have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Let me know!

Blogging Book Tag

Hello Sweeties! I am back! Reading! Writing! Giving you something that wasn’t scheduled a month ago!

I was tagged by the creator of this lovely tag Icebreaker694, whose blog is amazing and wonderful so go check it out! She really makes the BEST original tags!

Now let’s do this!

( I used her graphics because I’m already procrastinating enough doing this at all, I don’t have enough time to make graphics!)


  • Always Always Always, pingback to creator (she has trouble finding your tags because it doesn’t pingback correctly) icebreaker694
  • Use graphics by creator (or your own)
  • Thank fellow blogger for thinking about you enough to tag you
  • Answer the questions
  • Tag 10+ bloggers to do it (Don’t make the tag die!)

Bookish Questions





I’ve got a couple for this one. Lately, I’ve been really into the mixed genre contemporary with a bit of sci-fi type books.

I read arcs of Zenn Diagram and Waking In Time from Netgalley (review up on relate dates) and loved them both. I am currently reading Learning To Swear In America (protagonist reminds me of movie Chekov and its glorious). The Edge of Everything just looks super intriguing.

One sentence summaries: (Tell me you’re not intrigued I dare you)

Zenn Diagram: Math prodigy gets visions of people’s lives when she touches them.

Waking In Time: Girl goes to college but time travels when she sleeps, meets a boy.

Learning To Swear In America: Russian prodigy comes to America to help NASA stop an astroid from killing the planet.

The Edge of Everything: Nearest I can figure? Girl meets a soul bounty hunter she has a connection with.




Enough said.

I don’t really notice when the writing is advanced or not. I mostly either like it or I don’t, reading comprehension isn’t something I’ve worried about in years!

I will go with Pride and Prejudice though, because when I first tried to read it years ago (I was 10) I gave up because I didn’t understand what was happening…



Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Basically, my best friend got me into Sarah J Maas books, though I’ve only read the first of each series and she’s ready to kill me for it BUT ITS HER OWN FAULT SHE’S ONLY READ THE FIRST HARRY POTTER BOOK I’M JUSTIFIED OKAY?!



Harry Potter an The Hunger Games stand to me as two of the greatest/most faithful adaptations.

The Martian was also a REALLY GREAT adaptation.



I am TERRIBLE at favorites. I physically can’t pick favorites unless you want a like longer than my arm. Sorry, not sorry.




My best friend bought it for me for my birthday but hasn’t had a chance to give it to me and I’m DYING to read it already!




Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas. Its a book not many people have read or even heard of, but it is one of my all time favorite books. I thought it was a standalone back when I read it in May(?) but its GETTING A SEQUEL AND I GOT SENT AN ARC BY THE PUBLISHER AND I’M SO EXCITED. The sequel, Nowhere Near You, comes out in February. I highly encourage you to check out these books.

Because You’ll Never Meet Me Review



Rainbow Rowell. I am DYING for her to release another book! I have read all her books except Kindred Spirits (which I CANNOT for the LIFE OF ME find in America, if anyone would like to help me out…). Carry On is one of my favorite books of all time!



I’m going to say The Sword of Summer for this one. I got it last year when it come out, and I already bought Hammer of Thor, but I keep getting other books and not getting around to this one…


Taggy Taggy (You’re It)

Calliope The Book Goddess

Jocelyn @ 52 Letters In The Alphabet

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Holly @ Belle of the Library




My Current Review Copy TBR

I just wrote a discussion on how I keep track of my review copies and how to request arcs, and I thought I show you my current list.

I keep a word document on my computer with where I got it from, the format its in, and when the review is due. If I’m not given a date for the review (as is the case with netgalley) I just use the release date, or as close to the release date as I can get.

The italics signifies the review is due SOON. (I usually highlight, but I don’t know how to do that here…).

Though, I want to read, and schedule the reviews for all these books by the end of the year. That is my 2016 goal.

Color Coding:

  • Orange: Non-fiction (Any kind)
  • Red: Adult or New Adult Fiction
  • Pink: YA or MG Fiction

Blogging For Books:(1)
(Hardcover) Alexander Hamilton’s Guide To Life by Jeff Wilser  – End Of November 

NetGalley: (All e-books/e-arcs)(20)
The Nerdy And The Dirty by BT Gottfred – 15/11/16
The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles – 31/1/17
The United States of Absurdity by Dave Anthony and Garth Reynolds – 9/5/17 
There I Go Again by William Daniels – 1/3/17 
Grave Predictions by Stephen King and others – 21/9/16 
Alterations by Stephanie Scott – 6/12/16 
Miniatures by John Scalzi – 31/12/16 
The Hundred Lies Of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti – 1/3/17 
Hidden Universe Travel Guide: The Complete Marvel Cosmos by Marc Sumerak – 25/10/16 
Superman Science by Agniezka Biskup and Tammy Enz – 1/3/17 
Bring Back The King by Helen Pilcher – 10/1/17 
Doctor Who (The American Adventures) by Justin Richards – 25/10/16
Dreadnought by April Daniels – 24/1/17

Boy To The World by Eileen Walls – 26/7/16
Butterfly Bones by Rebecca Carpenter – 28/11/16
Piper Perish by Kayla Cagan – 7/3/17 

The Traveler’s Guide To Space by Neil F. Comins – 21/2/17 
Climate Change And The Health Of Nations by Anthony McMichael – 1/2/17 
Patient HM by Luke Dittrich – 9/8/16 
A Fabrication of the Truth by Katie Kaleski – 20/9/16

From Author: (1)
Unfathomable Chance by KT Munson (PDF) – End of November 

From Publisher: (1)
Bloomsbury (Paperback Arc) – Nowhere Near You by Leah Thomas – 7/2/17 – Soon as I can

Other: (3)
(Blog Tour/ Email) The Untold Tale and The Forgotten Tale by JM Frey (PDFs) –On Nov. 30th
Blog Tour – Hero High: Figure In The Flames by Mina Chara (PDF) – December 16th

So, what do you think? Do you like my system? Do you have your own system? What review copies do you have? Have you read/liked/disliked/want to read any of these books? Let me know!

Also, you you want to request a review of a book, you can see my policy here: Review Policy

And contact me here:

Goodreads Challenge Freakout

The Goodreads Challenge is well known in the book blogging community.

Pretty much everyone has one. Its practically a fact.

And I have a confession: I am SO UTTERLY BEHIND.

The summer reading slump hit me hard, and then school happened, and I get sliding farther and farther back.

My goal this year is 100 books, and I have read 58.

That puts me 28 BOOKS BEHIND SCHEDULE!!!

I have too read 42 books in the next month and a half, with school, blogging, NaNoWriMo, and a cruise for my cousin’s birthday over christmas break…

Who else is the my boat? Tell me I’m not alone!!!!!!!

The Goodreads Book Tag

I was tagged by the oh so wonderful Jocelyn @ 52 Letters In The Alphabet. Seriously, go check out her blog, its so great!

This is actually a tag I’ve seen around, and wanted to do, and now I can – (like legitimately excuse my doing so…)!!!

I LOVE Goodreads, and honestly, with as large as my TBR pile and wish lists are, I am on it probably more than I should be (and I should be sleeping right now but this is more important).

If you want to follow me on Goodreads, you can do so HERE. I’d love to be friends with all of you and see what your reading, and maybe even chat!

What was the last book you marked as ‘read’?



You can read my Tone Deaf Review Here

What are you currently reading?


Currently ACTIVELY reading these three. But on Goodreads I have 31 books on my currently-reading shelf (I’m a menace I KNOW).

What was the last book you marked as TBR?


Last book I technically marked was:


But thats more wishlisty.

The last book I marked TBR that I am dying for and I need either for it to come out or for someone to send me an arc is:


I don’t think you understand how psyched I am for this one!

What book do you plan to read next?


Overtime I answer this question, I never end up reading that book.

That being said, I plan to read one of the several e-arcs that have been back-logging on me that I have to get to, probably  Piper Perish. But once I’m done with Lock & Mori, Learning To Swear In America, and Not If I See You First, first.


Are you doing a 2016 Reading Challenge?


This year it is 100 books.

I am on 54…


Do you have a wishlist?

I have an incomplete wishlist on Amazon and a mental wishlist, yes I do.

It is quite sizable…

What book do you plan to buy next?

Considering I just got a bunch of gift cards for my birthday…This is quite applicable.

At the top of my list are:

Especially since I got both Hammer Of Thor and Gemina for my birthday all ready, so I don’t need to buy those. (And yes, narrowing my “I NEED IT NOW” list to my arbitrary limit of three was ridiculously hard.)

Do you have any favorite quotes? Share a few.

I have so many favorite quotes it isn’t even funny, both on Goodreads and in general. Here are some of the best:


“I don’t want to be a man,” said Jace. “I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can’t confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead.”
“Well,” said Luke, “you’re doing a fantastic job.”
― Cassandra ClareCity of Ashes

“It was true that Blue was just shy of five feet and it was also true that she hadn’t eaten her greens, but she’d done the research and she didn’t think the two were related.”
― Maggie StiefvaterBlue Lily, Lily Blue

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein

“Fairy tales have rules. You are a princess or you aren’t. You are pure at heart or you aren’t. If you are pure at heart, or lucky, you might catch a break.”
― Richard Siken

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

“I don’t know how I can be so ambitious and so lazy at the same time.”
― Ned VizziniIt’s Kind of a Funny Story

“Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck.”
― Joss Whedon

“If you don’t like Cinderella because she seems so “naive” and “weak,” listen to this quote from the Walt himself: “She believed in dreams, all right, but she also believed in doing something about them. When Prince Charming didn’t come along, she went over to the palace and got him.”
― Walt Disney Company

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”
― Mark Twain

“Most of the gods throw dice but Fate plays chess, and you don’t find out until too late that he’s been using two queens all along. Fate wins.”
― Terry PratchettInteresting Times

“Doctor Who: You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!
(from Tooth and Claw in Season 2)”
― Russell T. Davies

“Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”
― Star Trek

Who are your favorite authors?


Above gif encapsulates my feelings on this subject. Mkay?

Have you joined any groups?

I don’t really go on any groups on Goodreads but I checked and I am apparently part of the NaNoWriMo group. I love NaNoWriMo, I want to do it this year, but it might legitimately kill me if I try. Stress-induced cardio-myopathy can affect otherwise healthy teenagers you know.

My tags:





And anyone else who wants to do this tag!

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope to see you all on Goodreads!

WWW Wednesdays: Oct. 12th

This is my first week doing this meme, I figured I was a good way to keep you guys updated on my reading progress now that I’m finally out of that slump, and motivate me to read (and get caught up on my goodreads challenge) if I have to do this every week.

This is a weekly meme hosted at Taking On A World Of Words.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:

Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty – About halfway done with this, and I’m loving this! I have the hardcover and I’ve been reading it in school.

Not If I See You First by Eric Windstorm – Also about halfway with this one. Its pretty good so far. I’m reading this on my kindle.

Patient H.M. by Luke Dittrich – This one is an e-arc. I’m 14% done and loving this so far! It’s been slow going though, since it is nonfiction and if I read for my than an hour straight, especially on school days, my brain just stops absorbing information.

And yes, I know my goodreads lists me as currently reading about 29 books. I have a problem okay? I am almost never in the middle of less than three books. It just got this bad with the starting and stopping with the reading slump. I will finish them all, don’t worry.

Recently Finished Reading:


Waking In Time by Angie Stanton – This was the last book I read, and the book that pulled me out of my reading slump. I received an e-arc from net galley and flew through it! I gave it 5 stars. Loved it. But my review isn’t going up until the release date, March 1st 2017, as it my system for unreleased arc reviews. If you’ve read it, or want to read it, leave me a comment, I’d love to talk with you!


Going To Read Next:

I haven’t quite decided which book to read next, I’ll have to see how I’m feeling when the time comes. These are the major contenders. Leave me a comment down below if there is one in particular here I should read first, or that you’d recommend. I’m terribly indecisive.

The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge – This is another nonfiction book. I started reading this back in June, while at camp. Its great, but another case of “if I read for more than an hour my brain starts to hurt”.

Piper Perish by Kayla Cagan – An e-arc from net galley, this one a contemporary. I’ve heard a lot of hype for this one.

Fabrication Of The Truth by Katie Kaleski – An e-arc from net galley. So I should probably read this soon. Its a cute sounding contemporary.

Alexander Hamilton’s Guide To Life by Jeff Wilser – I am being mailed a copy of this book from Blogging for Books, and I’m currently studying the constitution and the national bank in US history, so I’ll have to get to this soon as well.

And I Darken by Kiersten White – Got this over the summer. Dying to read it.

My True Love Gave To Me – Got this a few months back, but the holidays are upon us!

The Traveler’s Guide To Space by Neil Comins – Another e-arc from net galley. Seems pretty interesting.

Climate Change and the Health Of Nations by Anthony McMichael – Yet another nonfiction e-arc from net galley. Can you tell I’ve been on a nonfiction kick?

Cursed Child – This one needs no words.

Philosopher’s Stone – This one was actually a very recent birthday present from my cousin. Dying to re-read this with the pictures.


What do you think? What have you been reading? What do you think I should read next? Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Let me know!

And follow me on goodreads! I’d love to see what your reading, and you can keep up with mine! My Goodreads Profile