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Reading Order: The Shadowhunters Chronicles

The Series Order There are multiple ways to read The Shadowhunter Chronicles. One is by the order the series began to be published. I. The Mortal Instruments The most main/first series of The Shadowhunter Chronicles. This series is mainly set in the year 2007 and revolves around the Shadowhunter Clary Fray. City of Bones City of… Continue reading Reading Order: The Shadowhunters Chronicles


“Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed.”

The years are not as kind to the heart as they are to their looks. And for all his centuries of experience, Magnus doesn't have the best coping skills. Time passes differently for them. For the immortals. For the vampires amd fae and warlocks and all other sorts of creatures. It is different for them… Continue reading “Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed.”