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Marry, Kiss, Cliff – Book Tag

I was tagged by the ever lovely and amazing Icebreaker694. Sorry this is so late... Rules Put names of Characters (whatever gender you’re attracted to) written in pieces of separate papers in an empty jar or a pen holder. Shake the jar Pull out 3 pieces of paper in each round and tell us which character… Continue reading Marry, Kiss, Cliff – Book Tag

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YA Books In A Sentence – Part 2

YA Books In A Sentence - Part 1 Twilight - What to do when the boy you like turns out to be a vampire. The Hunger Games - Capitalism gone wrong means sacrificing children for sport and a love triangle can save us! To All The Boys I Loved Before - You will relate only… Continue reading YA Books In A Sentence – Part 2

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The Twilight Tag

I saw this over at A Book Lover's Playlist and it looked like fun, so I'm doing it despite not being tagged! 1. What movie and book is your favorite? Twilight - for both. 2. What has your experience been like with Twilight? My grandma gave me the first book for Christmas in 4th grade because my… Continue reading The Twilight Tag

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Discussion: Why I Still Love Twilight

Intro: Hating on Twilight is pretty popular - more popular these days than liking it. A lot of book bloggers have written about how they used to love Twilight but have since learned better or grown out of it. And that's fine - your tastes change throughout your life. But while I may not be… Continue reading Discussion: Why I Still Love Twilight