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A Guest Review: Spirited Away

Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies, and it is a much loved Studio Ghibli movie. I recently showed the movie to my cousins and one of them (you may know her from the Harry Potter: As Told By My 9-Year Old Cousin post I did a while back) wrote a review for me to put… Continue reading A Guest Review: Spirited Away

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A New Posting Schedule and Some Summer Goals

I am back from summer camp! I'll be writing all about it later, but today there were a few things I wanted to talk about. You may have noticed the amount of posts over the last month were higher than well, pretty much ever, and were more or less consistent. That's because I'm trying a… Continue reading A New Posting Schedule and Some Summer Goals

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I’m Leaving Today!!!

I'm leaving today for Duke TIP! TIP is a 3-week academic sleep-away camp held at different campuses, and this year I will be going to Duke University! (I'll be writing a post all about it when I get back, don't worry, but feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below so I… Continue reading I’m Leaving Today!!!

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Summer Reading: Required and Fun Lists

Summer is finally here! (Well, today is technically the last day of school, but still.) Which means two things: Everyone suddenly has the time to read, and... well, school required reading is also a thing. For me, its no different, save for the addition of the fact that for the entirety of June, I have… Continue reading Summer Reading: Required and Fun Lists

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I Got Lady Midnight! (2 of them…)

So, I actually got these books awhile ago, but because I'm behind on everything else blogging wise, it stands to reason that I would have forgotten to mention these. I got two copies of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.   Now, here me out before you judge me. I originally pre-ordered the book from Barnes and… Continue reading I Got Lady Midnight! (2 of them…)

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After three months of not finishing a book, (*grasp* the horror, I know, I've been in a reading slump), I have finally started reading again. And I don't mean I started reading a book. No I mean reading.  Now I read quite quickly when I want to/ have the energy to do so (roughly 100 pages… Continue reading I’VE READ SO MUCH THIS WEEK!!!

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10 Songs To Motivate You When Writing

I am a big fan of making playlists. I make playlists for everything: parties, friends coming over, studying, doing homework (yes these are different things), and most importantly I think: everything I write for more than an hour ends up with its own writing playlist. Now, I'm the queen of procrastinating (which tends to mean… Continue reading 10 Songs To Motivate You When Writing

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Marvel Collector Corps: April Box

I don't think I need to reiterate how late this is... This post will come to you in three parts: Part 1: What is the Marvel Collector Corps? The Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription box that comes every other month. It is fun by Marvel Comics and partnered with Funko (as in the maker… Continue reading Marvel Collector Corps: April Box

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AP Crunch Time Is Going To Kill Me

I have 54 blog posts in my drafts. Let that sink in, 54. That is nearly the same amount of my published posts (60-something in the year and a half or so since I've made this blog, even if I only started using it actively a few months ago). This is a problem, not a… Continue reading AP Crunch Time Is Going To Kill Me

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How to (Actually) Study For An AP Test

As Told by An Actual High School Student Spring break is now over and that means one thing: AP crunch time. Well, thats what it means for me and every other high schooler taking AP classes. There are about 5 million study guides online, many of which are written by people involved in the education… Continue reading How to (Actually) Study For An AP Test