Review Policy

(RiverMoose)Sam’s Review Policy


  • Anyone (reader, publisher, author, etc.) can send me a request to review a book.
  • If I accept the request, I guarantee to review it, but I reserve the right to not accept a request that does not interest me.
  • I accept: e-books (any format that works on a kindle fire), arcs, galleys, and finished print books.
  • Genres I like:
    -Young Adult
    -Dystopian Fiction
    -Science Fiction
    -YA Contemporary
    -Certain types of non-fiction
    -Occasionally Poetry
    -Anything humorous/funny
  • Genres I dislike:
    -Historical Fiction
    -Adult Murder Mystery/Thrillers (most of the time)
    -Adult Romance
  • If you’re not sure whether or not I’d like it, feel free to message me.
  • Though I reserve the right to reject a request, I will review all accepted books given amble time (ie. don’t send me a book and want it reviewed within a week). I will need 1-2 months from receiving the book to have it read and reviewed.
  • All my reviews will be honest, reflecting my honest opinions on the book, they will not always be kind, though I will do my best to justify every negative (and positive) thing I say so it does not seem slanderous.
  • Most books I review will be my own, or borrowed from a friend. Should a book have been sent to me by a reader, publisher, author, etc. I will specify that in my review according to the FTC guidelines.
  • After review, I will keep all books – including arcs – unless otherwise asked not to by a publisher etc.
  • Similarly, unless otherwise requested not to, I may lend books sent to my to my best friend and/or cousin. Neither of them have blogs, but they do love to read.
  • I reserve the right to cross post my review, not only on this blog, but on my Amazon, Goodreads, Barns and Noble, and Tumblr accounts. This will often, but not always, by the case.

What I Normally Include in Reviews:

  • A (or a few) favorite quote(s) of mine from the book.
  • A paragraph, non-spoiler, overview of the book.
  • A spoiler-including why and why I didn’t like the book.
  • My star rating and why it obtained that rating.
  • My thoughts on the cover.
  • You should read this if you like… (I’ve let this fall by the wayside lately, I’m trying to fix that)
  • My honest opinion (postive or negative) on the book overall.
  • Anything the person who sent it to me requested I include (if applicable)
  • I will include these things, among others in most of my reviews, some things may not be featured in all reviews, particularly if it is a short review or I am reviewing one of my own books.

Rating System:

  • 5 Stars- One of my favorite books of all time. I need every pretty edition they release. Everyone needs to read it RIGHT NOW.
  • 4 Stars- I love it. It’s amazing. I’d buy it in hardcover. Most people should read it.
  • 3 Stars- I liked it. It was good, though a few minor personal preferences made me like it less. May or may not buy a physical copy. It would be a paperback. You may want to read it.
  • 2 Stars- It was fine. Not great, not terrible. Personally I did not enjoy it much, but I can see the merit in the writing/plot/characters. Others may like it, I simply did not.
  • 1 Stars- I really didn’t like it. For both personal reasons and objectively poor writing/voice/characters etc. Don’t bother reading it.
  • 0 Stars- Like a one star, but it was so bad I couldn’t even finish it. Burn it.

Other things to Know:

  • I am open to guest posting, either me writing a post for another blog, or someone else writing for my blog.
  • Message me if you want to work something out.
  • While primarily a book blog, I also post personal stories (or my own writing), things about various fandoms, tv shows, movies, and other things I find interesting.


  • Aside from comments, the best way to contact me is through email.
  • Email me there for requests, questions, concerns, or general conversation. Though I’d prefer commenting before emailing as I am more likely to see it in a timely manner.

6 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hello: I’d like to request a review of my book, Lacy’s End. Lacy’s father is the sheriff in a small town, and he likes to use Lacy and her mother as his personal punching bag. However, Lacy’s had enough. Can the doctor with the kind eyes help her? How about the concerned social worker? Taught to trust no authority save her father, Lacy cries out for help. She’s suddenly befriended by a boy nobody else can see. Is he the one who will save Lacy?


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