Guest Posts Wanted!

Okay, so here’s the deal.

In May (the first two weeks) I have 4 AP tests to take, 2 subject tests to take, and arguably an SAT to REtake.

So, May may kill me.

The entirety of April is AP CRUNCH TIME where I will be at school from 6:30 AM till 4:30 PM nearly every day.

So reading/reviewing/blogging isn’t going to be possible. And I don’t know if I could possibly schedule enough posts to cover all of April AND May without, you know, dying.

So, I was wondering is anyone would like to write a guest post for this blog?

You would get credit, you’re blog linked, you can cross-post on your own blog etc.

You can do reviews, discussions, anything you think will be good, I’ll probably agree with. Anything book/writing/reading/nerdy/fandom/blogging related is perfect!

If you’re interested, email me at:

Send me a link to your blog, your idea for a guest post, and your preferred date of posting and I’ll let you know if I can work with it.

I’ve been wanting to do guest posting for a while, both writing for other blogs and having other bloggers write on mine. This seemed like a good time to start.

What do you think? Is this a good idea? Let me know!

AP Crunch Time And Study Guides

Me complaining/stressing/ignoring my blog in favor of – about school is nothing new on this blog, or pretty much any other blogger who still goes to school’s blog. School is hard okay!

Now, when you’re taking 4 APs and are a very competitive, type A, “must get top grades” sort of person, its just a bit more stressful than for most.

And soon, we will be entering a period our teachers (or at least my school) calls “AP CRUNCH TIME” (yes the caps are necessary) and we like to call “UTTER DEATH – DEATH WOULD BE SWEETER”.

This means two things:

  1. Less time for blogging (yes, less than my ever constant nonexistent schedule / never blogging self) hence my new  Guest Post Policy asking for guest posters, especially though April and May.
  2. And, more importantly STUDYING.

I have studied A LOT in my time (Junior year, several APs, not entirely terrible test scores, and straight (or at least two on the Kinsey scale) A’s will testify to that.

So, to encourage myself to actually study (because I’m kind of terrible at actually bringing myself to study more than the night before) and to help all you guys out, I’m going to be making study tips, tricks, etc. posts and maybe study guides/helpful study tool round-ups for some of my harder subjects.

We can get through this together.

Tell me what APs/hard classes/finals you’re stressing over!

(I’m taking AP Chemistry, Ap Calculus AB, AP US History, and AP English Language and Composition)

Poem: In The Morning (I’ll Be A Ghost)

We all know the story
One way or another
Of starcrossed lovers, soulmates
Blessed and cursed to find each other


It’s an old wife’s tale
An old story told at night
Two halves of a whole
And when together they shine bright


Blessed be the boys time can’t capture
Cursed by the girls left behind
There’s a sin under the skin
And a darkness buried deep you can’t find


Its you and me
Me and you
One plus one
Equals two


It’s the law of the universe
But the worlds turned on its head
In the realm of bent halos
Even angels fear to tread


In the nights they steal kisses
In the dark where its less a lie
And more a secret
And when you wake up you can’t break a promise
That never really existed


Wouldn’t it be funny
If the angel did do wrong
Had a soft spot
For the hell raising boy
Gave him a chance when
There wasn’t one


And the demon did the right thing
Took his life before they could fall
Love is poison
This is rapture
And they got the story backwards


Wouldn’t it be funny
If you prayed for the devil
Because he’s got a mouth like sin
But hair like a halo


Wouldn’t it be funny
If I’m a demon
And I’m the one that falls
Because you’re so pretty
But so wrong


And its star crossed lovers
An old fairytale
Cursed and blessed to
Love and die


But there’s a darkness in his eyes
There’s a sin beneath her skin
The light won’t last the night
The feathers of your wings
Burned and bloody
Halos bent torn


The demon falls for an angel
And the angel falls with him
So the demon finds some grace


And it sounds so pretty
To fall together
But wouldn’t you rather
Never fall at all


In the morning you wake
And he’s


Of time long gone
And he thinks of you
You think of him
And you both realize you’re better off



Throwback Thursday: Much Ado About Nothing Act 3 Scene 4 – 2014 – Valley Girl Rewrite

Throwback Thursday, where, essentially I post old writing samples, essays and short stories that I dig up from my pile of hoarded papers and school assignments or from the depths of my computer. So everyone can see how my writing has changed/improved over the years.

(Enter Hero, Margaret, and Ursula)

Hero:  Ursula, could you, like, wake up, Beatrice? Cuz, like, you know, today’s my wedding day and she needs to, like, help me into my dress. OMG where is she?

Ursula:  Fine.

(Looks in the distance)

(Hero taps her shoulder)

Hero:  Ursula?

Ursula:  Ya?

Hero:  NOW!

Ursula:  Ok, ok. Shish. Like, take a chill pill.

(She exits)

Hero:  Shoo. Ok, Margaret, like, this is, like, my dress. What do you, like, think girl?

Margaret:  I think, like, that looks like one of those, ummm, dresses from Shakespeare’s time. What was that, like, called again?

(Looks in dictionary on phone)

Hero:  Margaret!

Margaret:  Gosh! Girl, I like, already found it. It was like, called a rebato. Ok, so that dress, like, looks like a rebato, ummm… But extra ugly.

Hero:  What?!

Margaret:  Especially on you.

Hero:  Ok, like, what’s your damage and, like, call the fashion police, cuz you girl, have no style.

Margaret:  Pah-lease, girl. You’re the one, like, with no style. Have you, like, not seen the dress?

Hero:  Whatevs, you’re just jealous.

Margaret:  Am not!

(Stamps foot)

Hero:  OMG! This dress is, like, so heavy!

Margaret:  It’ll, like, be heavier soon. You know, with a man on it.

(Covers her ears)

 Hero:  Oh my gosh, no! Like, my virgin ears! Why would you, like, say something like that?

Margaret:  What? Like, we all know it’s true. I mean, like, you are getting married, you know. What did you, like, think was gonna happen?

Hero: OMG! Like, where’s Beatrice?

(“Deleted Scene” Ursula gets Beatrice)

Ursula:  Beatrice, like, wake up girl! Hero, like, needs your help.

Beatrice:  Uh, why?! Like, it’s not my problem she can’t get dressed by herself.

Ursula:  Well, she is, like, getting married and, like, you are her cousin so…, like, go.

Beatrice:  Uh! Fine, whatever. But really, marriage is bor-ing!

(Back to Hero’s room – Enter Beatrice)

Hero:  Hey girl! Like, finally!

Beatrice:  Hey, like, Ursula said you, like, needed something.

Hero:  Ya, but are you, like, sick or something? OMG if you are, like, get away from me! I CANNOT get sick on my wedding day. (Hides behind Ursula)

Beatrice:  Ok… But no, like, probably not. Just, like ummm, a headache or something.

Margaret (to Hero):  Oh, she’s not sick, girl. She’s in love, like, L-O-V-E, love.

Beatrice (to Margaret): Congrats, you can spell.

Hero (to Margaret):  What kind of other, like, love is there?

Beatrice:  Uh, no girls, I’m not in love. And you can’t talk to me like that, Margaret. You work for me, like, remember!

Margaret:  I do remember but, like, you ARE in love. And I also, like, know the cure for your sickness.

Ursula (to the side): Uh, please don’t kill each other; bloods like, so hard to get out.

(Rolls her eyes)

Beatrice (to Margaret):  What?

Margaret:   Like, Benedick. Duh!

Beatrice: OMG, NO!

Hero:  OMG, YES! I, like, totally ship you guys.

(Beatrice evilly stares at Hero)

Hero: Sorry.

Margaret:  Whatever, we all, like, know it’s true, Ms. In Denial.

Beatrice:  Whatevs, and you know what? I do feel sick, but, like, Benedick is not my cure. It’s, like, to get this stupid wedding over with. Sorry, Hero. Come on, let’s just, like, get you ready.   (To the side after looking at the dress: egh, gag me with a spoon.)

(Ursula gets text)

Ursula:  Girls, Don Pedro, Claudio, Benedick, Don John, and, like, ALL the other cute guys in town have come to, like, take you to the church.

Hero:  Oh. My. Gosh, it’s, like, almost time. Come on Margaret, Ursula, Beatrice. Like, we have a wedding to attend.

 (They exit)


Story time!

So, I didn’t write this by myself. I wrote it in 8th grade with a group of three other girls. We have to dress up and perform this in front of the class.

For the project, the teacher essentially assigned each group a scene and an accent and told us to have at it.

So, we rewrote the scene with a modern setting and valley girl vernacular, as stereotypical as we could be. We dressed in all pink and sequins, did outrageous makeup (all bright colors and way too much of it) and everything.

It was fun, we got an A.

But when we were done and had to change back into our uniforms we realized that no one brought make up remover… So me and my best friend had to walk into are next class with bright purple eye shadow smeared all over, smeared all over mascara/eye liner and so much concealer/foundation that didn’t actually match our skin.

Our teacher was so confused and concerned. She thought I had a black eye.