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Themed Book Recommendations: 5 Books With A Cuban-American Protagonist

I've recently gotten back into the swing of book blogging after a several month hiatus (and general flakey-ness since I started's been an adjustment y'all). One of the things I want to do going forward is highlight books from marginalized authors which feature marginalized characters and protagonists. The first one I decided to start… Continue reading Themed Book Recommendations: 5 Books With A Cuban-American Protagonist

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Blogging Firsts Tag

I was tagged by the amazing Katie @ Never Not Reading, who is one of my most frequent commenters and I appreciate her so much. Go check out her blog, its awesome! The tag and banner were created by Krisha. This blog is about five and a half years old now (I was 15 when I… Continue reading Blogging Firsts Tag

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What Is A Zine? Zines (pronounced zeens) are fan productions, usually made by either a single person or small group, and generally consist of art and writing, centered around a theme. These may be professionally printed or done DIY-style. Zines are often made and sold with profits going towards charity, but many zine projects are… Continue reading Zines

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Book Adaptation Review: The Babysitters Club

About The Book: The Baby-Sitters Club (also known as BSC) is a series of novels written by Ann M. Martin and published by Scholastic between 1986 and 2000. The Baby-Sitters Club is about a group of friends who live in the fictional, suburban town of Stoneybrook, Connecticut. These friends run a local babysitting service called… Continue reading Book Adaptation Review: The Babysitters Club

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Services for Sale

Hello everyone! Quarantine and being home from school with all my extracurriculars cancelled is already driving me a little crazy, so I'm putting some services up for sale! I'm willing to read/edit/beta-read school work, essays, blog posts, and fan fictions. I am also willing to write short fan fictions, blog posts or essays (not for… Continue reading Services for Sale

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Thoughts for Thursday: How To Un-haul Books

Unhauling books is a question that comes up for book bloggers and hoarders all the time. We buy a lot of books, and eventually, space becomes a rare commodity. The question i, how do you actually unhaul books? As a self-confessed hoarder (of books, and admittedly, everything else), this is what works for me. Take… Continue reading Thoughts for Thursday: How To Un-haul Books

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A Guide to: Arrow-Verse Crossover Events

Flash Vs. Arrow The first annual crossover event in the shared multiverse aired during the 2014-2015 season. Team Flash and Team Arrow help one another in their respective cities on The Flash​​ and Arrow​. The Flash: "Flash vs. Arrow" Arrow: "The Brave and the Bold" Heroes Join Forces The second annual crossover event in the… Continue reading A Guide to: Arrow-Verse Crossover Events

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Bookish Baking #14: Baz and Levi’s Pumpkin Mocha Breve (Fangirl/Carry On)

Pumpkin Mocha Breve Ingredients: 3 tablespoons espresso powder (Cafe Bustelo is my favorite) 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 1 tablespoon pumpkin spice mix pinch ground spices, such as cinnamon or cardamom, optional 1/4 cup liquid chai drink (its like concentrated chai tea, sold at most grocery stores, and is used for making coffee and tea drinks)… Continue reading Bookish Baking #14: Baz and Levi’s Pumpkin Mocha Breve (Fangirl/Carry On)

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Bookish Baking #13: Sour Cherry Scones (Carry On)

I'd never had sour cherry scones before Watford. Just raisin ones–and more often plain, and always something that came from the shop, then got left in an oven too long.           At Watford, there are fresh-baked cherry scones for breakfast every day if you want them. And again in the afternoon… Continue reading Bookish Baking #13: Sour Cherry Scones (Carry On)

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Favorite Books of the Decade: 2010-2019

So, this past decade, I was 10 (2010) to 20 (turned in 2019) years old, so a lot of reading, and a lot of formative reading was done. Here are the ten books that most stick out as my favorite of the decade, narrowed to those published within the peace as well.