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Usually, reviews are posted either release day (for ARCs) or on Fridays. Sometimes other days, but Friday is the main review day.


My Poetry – 

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Discussions (Bookish/Bloggish) – 

 Feel free to give me some topics!

Nonfiction Book Spotlight –

Throwback Thursday – 

This is an old feature I want to bring back. We’ll see how long I can keep it up, as eventually I’m going to run out of old writing samples, even using essays from this year and next year. Maybe I’ll expand it to include more things…like photography I’ve done over the years, old drawings or things if I can find it. (once a month)

Scars and Stories – 

Where I write personal stories, discussions of my childhood (usually me being stupid and injuring myself) and talking about my life now. Funny stories of my life, etc.

Premed Preparation – 

Where I’ll write about current events in science/medicine, rant about things, and talk about why I want to study medicine and things pertaining to that.

College Corner – 

Chronicling my journey finishing high school, applying to college and scholarships and if all goes well, college as well. I think it’ll be a cathartic way to vent and relieve stress, and maybe help others. Also: study tips. (sporatically)

Diverse Books Spotlight –

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Published Poetry Spotlight – 

TV Show Spotlight – 


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Waiting On Wednesday 



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