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Movie Review: The Kissing Booth

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A high school student finds herself face-to-face with her long-term crush when she signs up to run a kissing booth at the spring carnival.

So, everyone online seems to be OBSESSED with this movie – so of course I had to watch it. Apparently its based off a wattpad book? Or something like that?

So this movie is…kind of a mess, but an entertaining mess. Flynn and Elle are hilarious, and have some great chemistry, though very little depth. Noah is hot… and thats about it.

Its a fun teen rom-com, but I didn’t love the ending, and its kind of…flimsy, like they tried shoving too much into too little time, leaving a lot underdeveloped.

It was one of those movies thats so cheesy it becomes good again. Its fun to waste some time, but I’ve seen better.

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