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Mini Movie Reviews #4: Age of Adaline / Fright Night / Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates / Edge of Seventeen / Table 19 / Mr. Right / About Time

As you may well know, my weekly review slot has recently been for mini movie reviews.

Here is the fourth installment, featuring another seven movies – this time the Rom-Com edition it seems.

I really hope you guys are enjoying these!

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Age of Adaline


Age of Adaline is a Rom-Com – one featuring timey-wimey-ness which I love. Essentially, Adaline stops aging as a result of an accident, and decades after the fact, she falls in love again.

The story is really sweet, and pretty funny. Its a well paced movie, that makes a good use of flashbacks etc. and if you like Rom-Coms, I highly recommend it, as I loved it!

Fright Night


I’m pretty sure this is a remake of an 80’s movie, but this is the only one I’ve ever seen. Its a comedy-horror movie – meaning, its a halloween movie about vampires, but its funny rather than crazy. Featuring a teenage boy who sets out to kill the vampire who has moved in next door. The dialogue and action was great, and the casting is really good. If you like funny horror movies, I highly recommend it, though don’t bother with the sequel, it features an entirely different cast and plot, and is actually kind of boring…

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


This is a pretty raunchy rom-com. The plot was pretty simple, kind of cliche, but the movie was pretty funny. The casting really made it for me. Not one of the best movies, but if you like any of the titular actors, or like raunchy comedies like this, think Neighbors etc., you may like it.

Edge of Seventeen


This movie is great. Its crazy funny, with a great cast, and good pacing. Its painfully awkward in places – but its meant to be. Its a teen drama-comedy that doesn’t pull any punches, and is actually really sweet while looking at the issues of a family – both legitimate and entirely over-dramatized, but teenagers are over-dramatic. It portrays it in a realistic way, rather than a condescending one. Some parts were hard to watch through all the second-hand embarrassment, but it was great overall.

Table 19


First off, a great cast that really makes the movie. The plot is a little…not there until the middle-isa, but the dialogue and characters are hilarious. Its a pretty cheesy film, but if you’re a fan of awkward-Anna-Kendrick comedies, and cheesy wedding rom-Coms, then you’ll like this one. I enjoyed it.

Mr. Right


This movie is more comedy than action – just to anyone who needs that clarification. Essentially, a girl falls in love with an assassin – who has decided he is  only going to kill the people who hire him. Its kind of dumb, but really funny and entertaining, and the fight scenes, while a bit gore-y, are well done. Check it out if that appeals to you, because I enjoyed it, but don’t go expecting a serious action movie.

About Time


About Time is a Rom-Com with time travel – two of my favorite things – and is funny, well written, and has great acting. Essentially, the main guy has a family genetic quirk that lets me re-do his days, and he does so to fall in love with his dream girl. If you like Rom-Coms a-la Time Traveler’s Wife, check this one out, its one of my favorites!

I hope you enjoyed these mini reviews.

Let me know if you like these, if you’ve seen any of these movies, agree/disagree with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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