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Mini Netgalley Review – Immune, What Did You Eat Yesterday, Eating Salad Drunk

I received an e-arc of each of these books from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What Did You Eat Yesterday? 1

by Fumi Yoshinaga

Pub Date: 25 Mar 2014

The art style for this series was really nice and clean and easy to read which I appreciate. I loved that it was unexpectedly half a cookbook alongside the story, but I did find the story a little lackluster and I wasn't particularly interested in any of the characters.


by Philipp Dettmer

Pub Date: 02 Nov 2021

I'll preference this by saying this is not the kind of book I would read as an e-book, so reading the e-galley was frustrating as pictures kept getting chopped in half, and its much harder to flip through and back and forth as an e-galley. I'd much prefer a physical coffee table style book for this.

That being said, the art in this volume was gorgeous and I want the illustrations as posters. I thought the level of detail was great without being overly complex or too dumbed down, but I am a pre-medical student and a senior in college, so someone in a different stage of their career or without an STEM experience might feel differently.

Eating Salad Drunk

by Gabe Henry

Pub Date: 22 Feb 2022

Eating Salad Drunk by Gabe Henry was a fast read for me. It was fine, and it was entertaining enough to pass some time, but it wasn't my style of humor and I didn't find it very funny. Maybe I'm a little younger than the intended audience.

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