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(Realistic) 2021 Bookish and Blogging Goals

2020…was a rough year lets call it. I barely read. I barely blogged. I mostly tried not to fail my classes. My goals for 2021 for blogging and reading are an absolute bear minimum and I am okay with that. No toxic reading challenges in this house.

Blog Goals:

  • Add all my past reviews to Goodreads
  • Write at least blog post a week
  • Tackle back-log tags and reviews

Reading Goals:

  • Read at least 1 book for fun each month (in 2020, out of 29 books I read, only 6 were not for school)
  • Read some books by diverse and Own Voices Authors
  • Read my MCAT Prep Kaplan Books
  • Read and/or Finish 3 series
  • Re-Read at least 1 old favorite

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