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New Year’s Resolutions Book Tag

New Year’s Resolutions Book Tag

Created by browneyedmusings and embuhleeiest

Just assume I wasn’t tagged unless I say otherwise okay? I’m running out of pithy things to say.

Get in shape – name a book that doesn’t quite fit on your shelf correctly

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods and Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes, both by Rick Riordan. They do not physically fit on my shelf and it is annoying.

Eat healthy – name a book you feel was good for you to read

The Hobbit, as a fantasy lover, it felt good to finally read such an influential book of the genre.

Read more – name a book you keep telling yourself to read but haven’t yet

My entire TBR? But in all seriousness this would have to be City of Heavenly Fire and The Lord of the Rings. I’ve been meaning to read each of them for years.

Quit smoking – name a book you kept going back to even though you had finished it

Back when it come out I read The Fault in our Stars like three times in a row, as if the ending would magically change.

Save more money – name a book you got for a really good price

A have a few Star Trek paperbacks I got for about 50 cents each and a few hardcovers I got for 1-2 dollars from various library sales.

Be more organized – how do you organize your bookshelf?

Read books horizontal. Unread are vertical.

Be punctual – shortest time and longest time it took you to read a book

Shortest time? Maybe half an hour to forty five minutes for Fly on the Wall by E Lockhart is the most recent coming to mind.
Longest time? When I first read Harry Potter in the second grade, each of the first three books took me about 2 straight months to read.

Go out more – what book made you isolate yourself from the outside world?

Yesterday I sat in my room and read The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy from cover to cover ignoring my family and especially my sister.

Be unique – what was your favorite book of 2015?

I’m really bad with favorites. Being asked for the hundredth time doesn’t change that.

Be more personal – what book are you waiting for most this year?

Trial of Apollo, Raven King, Lady Midnight, Last Star… Take your pick.

Really, resolutions? – what book do you promise to read next year?

Infinite Sea by Rick Yancy. Mostly because if I don’t my best friend, whose obsessed, will  probably beat me over the head with it.

And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoy the questions. Anyone that I don’t tag that wants to try this out is more than welcome.

I tag (peer pressure, do it)


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